Video editors use filters to add special effects to images and videos, enhancing movies. How do you put filters on videos? What is the best video filter app? MiniTool software is the best video filter tool because it offers many video effects to help you create outstanding videos.

Video editors always use filters to make their videos look great. Besides, you can use video filters to improve your footage and change the mood to match your creative ideas. However, do you know how to apply filters to video? What is the best video filter app?

In this post, you can find there are 10 awesome video filters apps. Read the post and find the right one according to your own needs to put a filter on a video.

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The Best Free Video Filter Software – MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker, a free, no ads, watermark-free video editor, is your first choice. This free video editing software offers simple interfaces to help you add a filter to video easily. And, this tool contains other free video effects like video transitions to help you make a cool video.


  1. It supports many video formats, audio files, and images.
  2. It has cool video transitions, video filters, and animated text templates including titles, subtitles, and end credits.
  3. It helps you edit video easily including trim video, split video, merge video, add text to video, etc.
  4. It can add music to video, remove background noise from video, fade in/out music, merge/split video, etc. (Related article: video splitter)
  5. It helps you create Hollywood-style video and movie trailers with video templates. You only need to choose a template, import files, and save this video.
  6. It lets you save video into different formats.

What Filters You Can Find in MiniTool MovieMaker

This free video editor offers 24 video filters including artistic, common, and motion blur.

Old Photo Filter

Today, photos and images are bright and saturated with color. What should you do if you like the old-fashioned images with evocative tone and texture? How to make a picture look warm and cozy? The old photo filter can make a picture look vintage. With MiniTool MovieMaker, you can easily apply the old photo filter to your image or video without buying an old-style camera.

You can apply a filter to create a black and white image or video. If you want to give the impression of speed or mystery, you can apply the pixelate effect. In general, as long as you are willing to explore, you will find many useful filters. Here are some examples.

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How to Apply Filters to Video?

Step 1. Import your files.

First, download and install the free and watermark-free video editing software on PC. Launch it and close the movie templates window to get its main interface. Click the Import Media files button to import your files. This tool lets you import different videos as well as images. Drag and drop files you like to add video effects to the timeline.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

import files to MiniTool MovieMaker

Step 2. Use filters to enhance video

Open the Effects tab to view the collection of video filters. Hover your mouse on the filter to see how it will look. Drag and drop the filter your like to the video or image on the timeline. Or drag and drop None to the target clip if you don’t want to use a filter.

After using filters, you can change its color. Right-click the video or image you have added filter, and choose the Edit button. Now, you can change contrast, saturation, and brightness. Also, you can apply 3D Lut to it.

edit filter

In this window, you can try other video effects to enhance your videos or images. For instance, you can apply transitions to merge videos, you can add animated text to video, you can trim video to remove some unwanted part, you can change the duration of images according to actual needs, etc.

edit file

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Step 3. Save the result.

Click the Export button, select a video format, choose a path, give a name to save the video on your PC. MiniTool MovieMaker lets you save video into different file formats including WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, and so on.

When exporting video, you can click the settings button to change video quality, video bitrate as well as video resolution.


  1. It is a free, no ads, no watermarks, no bundle video editor.
  2. It can add filter to video or image.
  3. It offers a color correction tool, thus you can change the brightness, contrast, etc. after applying filters.
  4. It can export video to GIF or other file formats.
  5. It offers many free video effects to help you enhance your movies.
  6. It lets you split video, merge video, trim video, extract audio from video, etc.


It cannot record audio and PC screens.

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Free Hidden Video Filter Tool for Windows – Microsoft Photos App

Have you ever used Microsoft Photos – a free photo viewer and editor included with Windows 10?

Microsoft Photos offers video editing in a touch-friendly interface. By using this free Windows video editor, you can add background music and 3D effects to videos, mark up images with drawings. Of course, it lets you apply a filter to image and video.

Apply Filter to Image

Open image with Photos, and click Filters. There are 15 filter effects including four black-and-white options, and the intensity of themes is adjustable. After applying a filter, you can change exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows.

Apply Filter to Video

Windows 10 hidden video editor offers themes, filters, text styles, and soundtracks to help you make a cool video. There are 11 video filters from Sepia to Loved. Unfortunately, you cannot change the intensity of themes.


  1. It is a Windows built-in tool with a simple, touch-friendly interface.
  2. There are 15 image filters and 11 video filters.
  3. It can automatically create albums.


It doesn’t have some basic features like video transitions.

Here, you might be interested in another Microsoft built-in video editor – Windows Movie Maker.

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Top 2 Online Video Filters

In addition to desktop video filter tools, you can try online video editors to apply filter to video. We collected 2 online video editors.

#1. Clideo

Clideo is an all-in-one and easy-to-use online video editor. This tool lets you merge video, compress video, resize video, make a meme, cut video, make a slideshow, crop video, rotate video, etc. Of course, this online video filter tool lets you apply a filter to video.

How to apply filter to video online

  • Add a file to the video filter online tool. You can add files from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can only add files up to 500MB for free. If your file is too large, you need to upgrade.
  • Choose a filter and apply it to your video, and preview it.
  • Specify a video format, and click the Filter button in the bottom right. After that, this online video filter tool will process for a moment, and you can download it.


It lets you split video, crop video, rotate video, resize video, etc.


  1. The free version supports files up to 500MB.
  2. The free version will add a watermark to your video.
  3. You cannot apply a filter to images.

#2. Veed

To filter video online without registering, you can try Veed. This free tool uses powerful video filter presets to make beautiful videos online seconds. Veed contains powerful color grading tools, thus you can make your video look professional. Also, you can use the color correction tool to change exposure, brightness, saturating and more.

  • Import your videos, and then you will enter into the video maker page with many features including subtitles, text, image, elements, etc.
  • To apply a filter to video, you can click the Filters tab and get 10 different filters.
  • Click the filter you like and download the video. This online video filter tool lets you download the video as GIF. Of course, there is a watermark on the video.


You can add subtitles to video, add text to video, add image/elements to video, add audio to video, and change the speed of video.


  1. You can only upload 50MB files.
  2. You can only save your video into 420p.
  3. There is a watermark on your video.
  4. You can’t apply filter to images.
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Video Filters for Mobile Devices

Last but not least, today, we use phones every day. Some users may wonder:

“How to apply a filter to video or image on the phone?”

Video filters app can help you.

Top 3 Video Filter Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software for macOS and iOS devices. It converts your videos to cool movies with movie themes, video effects and video transitions.


It is easy to use.


It supports fewer export formats than some competing products.

#2. Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro, an easy-to-use video filter app, lets you change video brightness, add filters and effect to video, and apply photo filters to photo.


It can add filter to videos and images.


The effects are not novel.

#3. Magisto

Magisto, a video filter app for iPhone, lets you add filters and transitions to video to create amazing movies. Open Magisto, import your video, and add a unique theme to it. This video filters app for iOS will add amazing effects to your video automatically.


It is easy to operate.


It takes a lot of time to render videos.

Top 3 Android Video Filter Apps

#1. AndroVid

AndroVid is a video editing app for Android. This free easy to use tool lets you trim video, convert video into MP3 formats, etc. Of course, you can apply video filters and effects to your movie.

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It is very easy to trim videos with this app.

Related article: video trimmer.


It is just a basic video editing app.

#2. Video Maker Pro Free

Video Maker Pro, easy to use basic video filter, lets you edit video in Android easily.


It has separate audio tracks.


It does not have advanced features.

#3. KineMaster Pro

Some users like using KinMaster to edit videos in Android since this video filter app has a multitracked timeline. You can drag and drop, import multiple videos and edit them in various ways. Although it is a free video editing tool, it will add a watermark to your video.


There are many editing tools.


  1. It only works well with a restricted range of devices.
  2. The free version has a watermark.

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There are 10 video filters app. Now, you must know which one is your best choice. If you still have some doubts, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

Video Filters FAQ

What filters do movie use?
A lot of movies contain the Black ProMist Filter. It’s a clear filter with a fine “mist” of black specks over it. If you watch a movie quickly, you may ignore this filter.
How to put a filter on video in iMovie?
  1. Select the video clip in the timeline.
  2. Tap the Filters button.
  3. Select a filter to preview it in the viewer.
How to brighten dark video?
To brighten a dark video, you can adjust video brightness. Open your video in a video editor, and move the brightness slider to increase brightness. Also, some video editors offer highlights and shadows to help you add light to dark video.
Is there any app to add a filter to Instagram video?
  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Insta Loop Boomerang Video Editor
  3. Snapseed
  4. Facetune 2
  5. Pixlr Express
  6. Adobe Premiere Clip
  7. Quick
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