Navigating MiniTool MovieMaker | MiniTool Tutorial [Help]

Project Library Window

Project library window lists all recent projects.

project library

  1. New Project: It will create a new project. You can also create a new project in the Menu option, FileNew Project.
  2. Open Project: Open the saved project file to locate it.
  3. Movie Templates: It will offer you different kinds of movie templates to help you create a movie quickly.
  4. Large icons: It will show the thumbnail of the project file.
  5. Details: It will show the project file’s name, date modified, size, and type.
  6. Search bar: Enter the file name to locate it.

Movie Templates Window

MiniTool MovieMaker provides different kinds of movie templates that help you create a video in minutes.

movie templates window

  1. Search bar: Enter the movie template name to find it.
  2. Full-Feature Mode: Click it to enter the main interface.

Main Interface Introduction

MiniTool MovieMaker has a user-friendly main window, which is composed of 4 parts:

Menu Bar

menu bar

  1. Media: It collects all your media files including photos, videos and music.
  2. Transition: Add transitions like fade in, blind or dissolve.
  3. Effect: Add filters like black and white, cold, vivid and others to videos/images.
  4. Text: Add titles, captions and end credits to decorate your movie.
  5. Motion: Apply motion effects like pan, zoom in, and zoom out.
  6. Elements: Add cartoon animated elements like emoji, food, nature and more to your videos.
  7. Template: Use various movie templates to easily and quickly create a movie.
  8. Export: Export movie to PC or devices.
  9. Register: Register/activiate your copy of MiniTool MovieMaker.
  10. 3-Bar Menu: It hides some features like File and Help.

Media Library

The library is the source for all media, including videos, photos, and music files. It also contains transitions, effects, and a variety of other media assets that users can use in their projects.

media library

Import Media Files: Import photos, videos and audio files.

Preview Window

The Preview Window shows the video which is currently being played in the Timeline or Storyboard.

preview window

  1. Play controlls: Play/pause the video, step forward/backward by one frame, or skip to the start point of movie.
  2. Volume: Turn up/down the volume.
  3. Timecode: Display the exact time of the playhead position and the duration of the complete sequence.
  4. View/Exit Full Screen.


The Timeline is where users assemble the media clips for their video project.


  1. Undo: Undo last changes.
  2. Redo: Redo undone actions.
  3. Delete: Delete the unwanted clips and transitions.
  4. Split/Trim: Split or trim video clips.
  5. Video speed controller: Change the video speed like slowing down, speeding up, and reversing.
  6. Zoom slider: Zoom in/zoom out image/video media to fit Timeline.
  7. Tracks manager: Add texts/cartoon animated elements to your photos/videos, delete the added text/element, add empty track, and delete empty track.
  8. Video track: Arrange video clips and photo clips with flexibility. 
  9. Audio track: Adjust volume, fade in/out music, etc.
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