This guide gives quick navigation to the main interfaces of MiniTool MovieMaker.

This help document provides a concise introduction to the primary interface components of MiniTool MovieMaker.

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Project Library Window

Once MiniTool MovieMaker is launched, you’ll see the project library window displaying a roster of your recent projects, along with the options to initiate video creation.

MiniTool MovieMaker project library window
  1. Aspect Ratio: Set up the ratio of the width and height of the new video.
  2. New Project: Create a new video project.
  3. Open Project: Locate the previously saved project file and open it.
  4. Movie Templates: Offer various movie templates that enable you to create a movie in a few clicks.
  5. Promotion: A marketing video shows how to make your videos better with MiniTool MovieMaker.
  6. Project library: Lists all the recent projects.
  7. Large Icons: Show the thumbnails of the project files.
  8. Details: Show the project file’s name, date modified, size, and type.
  9. Search bar: Search for projects with their file names.

Main Interface Introduction

After closing the project library window, you will see the main window of MiniTool MovieMaker. This intuitive and user-friendly window contains 5 parts:

1. Menu Bar

The top menu bar contains the very basic options in MiniTool MovieMaker.

MiniTool MovieMaker top menu bar
  1. Product name: MiniTool MovieMaker <edition> <version>
  2. RegisterRegister/activate MiniTool MovieMaker with a license code.
  3. More: Contain File and Help Furthermore, the File menu consists of New Project, Open Project, Save Project, Save Project as, Import Media – Import from PC, and Exit options; the Help menu includes Manual, Check for Update, Enter License Key, About, and Feedback options.
  4. Minimize: Minimize the main window.
  5. Maximize: Maximize the main window.
  6. Close: Close the main window.

2. Resource & Effects Section

This part is located on the upper left of the main user interface (UI) of MiniTool MovieMaker. It displays all the source files and effects, whether they are pre-installed or user-uploaded, that can be applied to enhance your videos.

resource and effects section of MiniTool MovieMaker
  1. Media: Collects all media files including videos, music, and pictures.
  2. Audio: Software built-in audio including music and sound effects.
  3. Text: Contains opening titles, middle captions, and ending credits.
  4. Transition: Offers many transitions like wipe, dissolve, fade, fill, and reveal.
  5. Effect: Includes various effects containing overlay, love, distortion, particle, glitch, etc.
  6. Filters: Provides lots of filters including LUT, artistic, Instagram-like, motion blur, etc.
  7. Elements: Lists cartoon animated stickers including types of emoji, festival, pets, pops, arrow…
  8. Motion: Stores a lot of motion effects including pan, zoom in, and zoom out.
  9. Left menu: The submenu of each top menu.
  10. Search feature: Search for specific media files or effects by their names.
  11. Download YouTube Videos: Guide you to download MiniTool Video Converter, a free video downloader and converter.
  12. Import Media Files: Add videos, songs, or photos from your local computer to MiniTool MovieMaker.
  13. Added media files: The uploaded media files in the Media library.

3. Preview Section

The Preview Window shows the video which is currently being edited on the timeline or storyboard.

preview section of MiniTool MovieMaker
  1. Template: Click it to trigger the Movie Templates window.
  2. ExportSave and export the created video.
  3. Timecode: Display the exact time of the playhead position and the duration of the complete sequence.
  4. Play buttons: Play/pause the video, step forward/backward by one frame, or skip to the start point of the video.
  5. Volume: Change the volume of the video playback.
  6. Aspect ratio: Change the aspect ratio of the whole video.
  7. Full screen: Enter or exit full screen.
  8. Player screen: Display the scene of the video.

4. Property Section

This section displays the editable properties of the currently selected item on the timeline.

property section of MiniTool MovieMaker
  1. Editable properties: Display the editable parameters of the current item on the timeline.
  2. Reset: Discard all changes and go back to the original settings.
  3. Apply to All: Apply the above settings to all media files of the same type on the timeline.

5. Timeline Section

The timeline is where you assemble the media files into a complete video.

timeline section of MiniTool MovieMaker
  1. Undo: Undo the last change.
  2. Redo: Restore the change that was undone.
  3. Delete: Delete the selected unwanted media files or effects on the timeline.
  4. SplitSplit media at playhead location.
  5. SpeedChange video clip speed  or just reverse your video.
  6. CropCrop a video clip or photo to shape it to a proper aspect ratio.
  7. Zoom slider: Zoom in or zoom out the whole video to fit the timeline.
  8. Manage tracksAdd/delete empty tracks.
  9. Additional tracks: They are used to hold texts and elements.
  10. Video track: Arrange video clips and photo clips with flexibility. 
  11. Audio track: Display sounds, music, or songs within the video.
  12. Element on the timeline
  13. Text on the timeline
  14. Video on the timeline
  15. Motion on the timeline
  16. Filter on the timeline
  17. Effect on the timeline
  18. Transition on the timeline
  19. Music on the timeline
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