How to Register MiniTool MovieMaker | MiniTool Tutorial [Help]

Using MiniTool MovieMaker Free, users can export their first 3 videos without length limit. After that, they are only allowed to export videos within 2 minutes for free. A valid license of MiniTool MovieMaker breaks this video export limit. This guide helps users on how to register MiniTool MovieMaker.

Click here to choose the subscription plan to obtain the license key in advance.

How to Register MiniTool MovieMaker With Network

Step 1. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker and then click the Register icon on the top right corner.

go to the register window

Step 2. Enter the license key to the context box and then click Register.

enter the license key to upgrade

Step 3. The registration result will be notified. Usually, users will see the following interface. Just click OK to contine.

register successfully

Step 4. View changes in the software interface.

edition changes

How to Register MiniTool MovieMaker Without Network

If users are unable to register MiniTool MovieMaker with network, they will see the offline activation window. In this case, users can follow this guide to register successfully.

Step 1. Insert a USB flash drive to computer and then create a new .txt document. Now copy the URL 1, URL 2 addresses as well as the License Information and paste them to the new .txt document. After doing this, save the file and remove the USB drive.

Step 2. Connect the USB drive to another computer that should be network connected. Go to either URL, input the License Information and click Activate

Step 3. Users will see the Activation Code generated. Now copy the activation code and save it to the new document on the USB drive. Safely remove the USB drive from network connected computer.

Step 4. Connect the USB drive back to the computer that has MiniTool MovieMaker to register. Copy and paste the Activation Code to the specified location and click Activate

Step 5. When users see "Thank you for your registration", all is done. 

For any issues regarding to software registration, feel free to contact [email protected].

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