How to Create and Save Project | MiniTool Tutorial [Help]

For every project users create, MiniTool MovieMaker creates a project file. A project file contains all information about the files used in users’ project, the order of videos on the timeline, and edit decisions, effects, and music used in the project. By default, the project file is stored in the default location, but users can choose to save project file anywhere else when saving it.

Create Project

1. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker, choose New Project from the Project Library window.

open new project from Project library

2. Shut down the Project Library window, tap on the 3-bar Menu at the upper right, select File option and click New Project.

open new project from the menu

Save Project

Click on Menu at the top-right corner, hover the mouse over File option and select Save Project or Save Project As to save the project file.

save project file

Open Project File

1.Open a project file from Project library

If users have created projects with MiniTool MovieMaker, they will enter into the following window.

open a project file from Project library

All the most recent projects will be shown in the Project Library. Double-click on the project users would like to open. If users can’t find the project in Project Library, click Open Project to locate it.

2.Open an existing project when editing

When editing your movies in the timeline, you also can click Menu > File > Open Project to locate the .mmm file. However, this way can only open the projects made in the timeline. It not supports to open projects made with templates.

open an existing project when editing

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