Do you need to add effects to your videos to make them more attractive? Just try MiniTool MovieMaker!

MiniTool MovieMaker allows you to add free beautiful effects to your videos to increase the chance of being watched. Simply click the Effects tab on the top menu to find your desired effect.

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How to Add an Effect to a Video?

  1. On the video track of the timeline, click on the target video or photo clip to select it.
  2. Then, move to the Effects tab.
  3. Select the desired effect and click the +. Or drag and drop the target effect to the target clip.
add an effect to a single clip


  • For the effect with a download icon, you need to first download it from the online server before you can make use of it. Or right-click on it and select Download All to get all the online effects.
  • You can preview the added effect in the Player section.
  • You can apply multiple effects to a single video or image clip.

2 Ways to Delete an Effect

  • Right-click the effect icon on the media file on the timeline and then choose Delete.
  • Click on the media file that uses the target effect. Then, go to its property in the upper right of the main window. There, click on the trash icon behind the target effect name.
delete the effect of a video

In addition to adding effects, you can also add filters, transitionstextsmotions, and elements to your videos by MiniTool MovieMaker.

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