MiniTool MovieMaker offers a Split tool to divide a clip into smaller sections and also provides a Trim tool to trim the video from the beginning or the end of the video. Let's learn how to trim/split a video.

MiniTool MovieMaker offers a Split tool to divide a video, audio, photo, caption or animated element clip into smaller sections. In different cases, you can choose Quick Spit or Full Split to cut your media file on the timeline. It also provides a Trim feature to help you cut off the start and end of those media clips.

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Quick Split/Trim (Works for Video/Audio/Image/Caption/Element Clips)

You can quickly split a video, song, image, caption, or cartoon element clip or quickly trim them if you don’t want to use the entire clip. Follow the guides below. They all take a video clip for example.

How to Quick Split a Video?

Step 1. Click on the target video clip to highlight it.

Step 2. Drag the playhead to the place where you want the split to occur.

Step 3. Click the scissors icon on the playhead or click the scissors icon on the timeline toolbar and choose Quick Split.

quick split a video

Then you can select and delete the unwanted part or add new media items between the divided clips.

How to Quick Split Multiple Clips?

In addition to a single media file, MiniTool MovieMaker enables you to split more than one media clip in one click.

  1. Put the target video/photo, audio, captions, or elements on the timeline to make them overlap with each other.
  2. Move the playhead to the position where you plan to split all the target clips.
  3. Click the mouse on any blank location instead of the target clips within the app window to make sure none of the target clips is selected.
  4. Click the scissors icon on the timeline toolbar and select Quick Split or just click the scissors icon on the playhead.

quick split multiple media clips

Finally, you will find all the clips crossed by the playhead are split into 2 parts from the playhead line.

How to Quick Trim a Video?

If you have a long video/audio and you just want a snippet of it (like shown below), you can follow the following guides.

the wanted section in a video

Option 1: Use the Arrow

Step 1. Click on the target video clip to highlight it.

Step 2. Mouse over the start of the video clip until you see a double-headed arrow appears.

Step 3. Drag the arrow rightwards to the beginning of the wanted part.

trim the unwanted part of a video

Step 4. Mouse over the end of the video clip until the double-headed arrow appears. Drag the arrow leftwards to the end of the wanted part.

Finally, the unwanted parts will be removed and only the wanted part will be left.

Option 2: Use the Scissors

Step 1. Click on the target video clip to highlight it.

Step 2. Drag the playhead to the beginning of the wanted part and perform a quick split with the scissors icon.

split the unwanted part in a video

Step 3. Drag the playhead to the end of the wanted part and perform a quick split.

Step 4. Select and remove the unwanted parts one by one.

delete wanted parts in a video

Full Split/Trim (Works Only for Video Clips)

If you want to split or trim a video accurately, you can turn to the Full Split feature. Be aware that this feature only works for video clips on the timeline.

To access Full Split, you should, first of all, select the target video clip to highlight it. Then click the scissors icon on the toolbar and choose Full Split. After that, you will see a new popup where you can SPLIT or TRIM a video more accurately.

select full split

How to Full Split a Video?

Step 1. Stay in the default SPLIT tab in the new window. Before splitting, you can adjust the Zoom in/Zoom out slider to locate each frame more accurately.

zoom in the video frame

Step 2. Place the mouse over the playhead until the cursor turns into a hand. Then, drag the playhead to the target location and then press the scissors icon.

Step 3. Press OK to save the changes.

full split a video

How to Full Trim a Video?

In MiniTool MovieMaker, Trim means neatening a video clip by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts. You can change the duration of a clip on the timeline by trimming the clip’s start point and end point.

Step 1. Switch to the TRIM tab and adjust the zoom slider to fit your needs.

Step 2. Drag the playhead to the start point of the wanted part and click the scissors icon behind Start.

Step 3. Drag the playhead to the end point of the wanted part and click the scissors icon behind End.

Step 4. Press OK to save changes.

full trim a video

Therefore, the unwanted start and end parts will disappear from the video. Also, the video is shortened.

When you are back to the timeline, you can further crop the video/image clips before export.

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