MiniTool MovieMaker now offers 30+ motion options to help you make your video/image clips look more dynamic.

Motion, also known as Pan and Zoom or Ken Burns effect, is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production.

MiniTool MovieMaker now offers 30+ motion options for you to choose from, such as Pan down, Pan right, Zoom in left, Zoom in top, Zoom out center, etc.

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Click the Motion tab from the top menu to access the motion library. You can add motion to the video or image clips on the timeline to make them look more dynamic.

2 Solutions to Add a Motion

#1 Add a Motion to a Single Clip

  • Drag and drop the target motion onto a video/image on the timeline.
  • Select a video/image on the timeline and then click the + icon on the suitable motion effect.

add a motion to a video


A single media clip can only use one motion.

#2 Add the Same Motion to Clips of the Same Type

Instead of adding the same motion to multiple clips (of the same type) one by one, there is a quick way.

  1. Add the target motion to one of the target clips.
  2. Click on the clip and go to its property section in the upper right of the main window.
  3. Click Apply to all to add the target motion to other clips that are of the same type as the current clip.

add the same motion to clips of the same type

For example, if the current clip is a video, all other video clips on the timeline will be added with the target motion after clicking Apply to all.

3 Solutions to Delete Motion

  • Right-click the motion icon on the video/image clip on the timeline and then click the Delete button to remove the motion.
  • Go to the upper-right property section of the media clip that contains the target motion and click the trash icon next to the motion.
  • Drag None motion’s thumbnail onto the video/image clip on the timeline to remove the added motion effect. Or you can replace the current motion with another motion to indirectly delete the current motion.

delete a motion

In addition to motions, you can also add transitions, texts, effects, and elements to your video using MiniTool MovieMaker.

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