How to Save Video to PC & Device | MiniTool Tutorial [Help]

MiniTool MovieMaker helps export edited videos to PC and Devices (video formats that match the devices best). This guide instructs on how to export videos from MiniTool MovieMaker.

Export Video to PC

Step 1. Click Export in the toolbar.

click Export from the top menu

Step 2. Users will be led to the PC tab by default where they can customize the export settings.

  • Rename the video (optional).
  • Select the video format. Supported export formats include WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, and MP3.
  • Change the location where the video will be saved.
  • Customize the video resolution, frame rate and more (video quality, encoder, bit rate) by going into Settings. Note that if users export videos to GIF and MP3, the Settings option will be grayed out.

customize the export settings

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Step 3. Click the Export button. Please note that free users can export their first 3 videos without length limit. After that, they are only allowed to export videos within 2 minutes for free. To break this limitation, users need to choose a subscription plan.

Step 4. Wait for MiniTool MovieMaker to process the video export. Once finished, users can click the Find Target button to view the exported video.

video exported successfully

If your computer goes into sleep mode when exporting large video file, the exporting process will be suspended. To continue the exporting process, you need to wake your computer from sleep mode.

Export Video to Device

MiniTool MovieMaker also allows users to export video to devices including iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Smartphone, Nexus, XboxOne, Galaxy Note 9, PS4, and Sony TV. Here is the guide:

Step 1. Click Export in the toolbar.

Step 2. Go to the Device tab.

Step 3. Select the mobile device users want to play videos on, and then further edit other settings as well.

Step 4. Click Export after finishing all the settings.

export to different devices

MiniTool MovieMaker won’t transfer videos to devices directly. The exported videos will still be saved to paths users have set. Learn more on how to transfer files between PC and Android, how to transfer files between PC and iPhone.

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