MiniTool MovieMaker offers titles, captions as well as end credits to help you complete the movie.

MiniTool MovieMaker offers Titles, Captions as well as Credits to help you optimize your movies. You can click Text from the top menu to access the text library.

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Add Text

Add a Title

Select Title in the left panel under the Text tab, find a suitable title, then drag the title from the text library to the timeline usually at the very start of the whole video. Or click on the first media file on the video track on the timeline and click the + icon on the target title to put it in front of the selected media file.

add a title to a video


  • A title consists of two parts on the timeline – the video part on the video track and the text part on a new auto-created track.
  • You can preview the title in the Player section.

Add Credits

The way to add credits to a video is the same as adding a title. The only difference is that you should put the credits at the end of the video.

add credits to a video

Add a Caption (Subtitle)

  1. Select the video or image to which you would like to add a caption.
  2. Click Caption from the left submenu.
  3. Select the desired caption mode and add it.

add a caption to a video


  • A caption locates on another new track that is different from the default video and audio track.
  • The same video or picture clip can add multiple captions and those captions can appear at the same time (on different tracks) or at different times (on the same or different tracks).
  • If there is a caption selected on the timeline, adding a new caption (use + icon) will replace the original one. If no caption is selected, adding a new caption (clicking + icon) will put the new caption right behind the playhead. If there is already a caption behind the playhead (within the default caption duration – 4s), which could cause the caption overwritten, it will automatically create a new track to hold the new caption. If you already have 9 additional tracks on your timeline, you will fail to add the caption.
  • If you drag and drop to add a new caption to a location on the timeline and within the 4s duration there is already a caption, the already added caption will be partially or completely replaced.

Edit Text

No matter which kind of text, title, credits, or caption you add to your video, you can edit it in the corresponding property section in the upper right of the main window. The following are the settings that you can edit for the text.

  • Content
  • Font
  • Size
  • Line space
  • Bold or not
  • Italic or not
  • Alignment: left, center, or right
  • Text color
  • Text highlight color
  • Opacity

text property

If you want to remove previous changes and get a fresh start with the text settings, just take advantage of the Reset button.

Split a Caption

Select the target caption, drag the playhead to the place where you want the split to occur within the caption, and click the scissors icon on the playhead (or click the scissors icon on the timeline toolbar and choose Quick Split).

split a caption

You can use this way to shorten a caption’s duration: After splitting it into 2 parts, delete the unwanted part. This is also a method to create a copy of a caption.

Trim a Caption

You can change the duration of a caption on the timeline by moving the caption’s start point or end point. Just put the mouse cursor on the start or end of the caption. When the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow, drag the mouse inwards to remove the start or end part of the caption; drag the mouse outwards to prolong the text. You can extend the text to make it last the whole video.

trim a caption


The text on a title or credits can’t be split or trimmed.

Adjust Captions on the Timeline

If you have added multiple captions to the timeline, you can arrange the order of the captions that locate on the same track. Just click on the target caption. When the cursor turns into a four-headed arrow, drag and drop the target caption to the destination. If there is already a caption on the destination, it will be replaced partially or completely. If you don’t want any caption to be replaced, just move some captions to spare enough space to hold the target caption.

Delete Text

Delete Title/Credits

There are three approaches to removing unwanted titles or credits.

  • Right-click on the video part (on the video track) of the target title or credits and select Delete.
  • Select the video part of the target title or credits and click the trash icon on the timeline toolbar.
  • Select the video part of the target title or credits and press Delete on the keyboard.

delete a title or credits

Delete a Caption

There are three methods to remove a caption.

  1. Right-click on the target caption and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select the target caption and click the trash icon on the timeline toolbar.
  3. Select the target caption and press Delete on the keyboard.

In addition to texts, you can still put transitions, effects, motions, and elements into your video by relying on MiniTool MovieMaker.

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