This post introduced on MiniTool official website mainly involves a photo editing tool in Microsoft Photos – spot fix. It explains its function and usage. Also, it teaches you how does Spot Fix work in Photos.

What Is Windows 11 Photos Spot Fix?

Windows 11 Photos spot fix is a tool in the Microsoft Photos app in the latest Windows 11 operating system (OS). It can correct the exposure and color of an image.

When you take a photo, it is common to capture some unwanted elements. For example, maybe there is a light leak resulting in a big white spot on your photo. Then, the easiest and fastest fix is to use the Spot Fix feature in the Photos app, which can blend a small spot or blemish with the background.

How to Use Spot Fix in Windows Photos?

How to fix a spot on a photo? Generally, it is as easy as a few clicks!

Step 1. Open the target photo with the Photos app.

Step 2. Click the Edit option on the top menu.

Step 3. Next, go to the Adjust tab.

Step 4. Scroll down to select Spot fix.

Step 5. Then, a blue circle will appear around your mouse pointer and moves with your mouse pointer. Move your mouse to where the spot or blemish is and let the blue circle cover the spot. You can zoom your picture to cooperate with selecting the spot.

Step 6. When selected, left-click your mouse, and you will see the spot disappear from your photo.


If you want to cancel this change, just click the Undo (cancel the last operation) or Reset (cancel all the operations) option. If you want to retrieve the change after resetting, just click the Redo icon.

Step 7. Click Save (replace the original photo) or Save a copy.

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What Happened to Windows 11 Photos Spot Fix?

In late 2021, Microsoft updated its Photos app with the big change of removing two features – Spot Fix and Red Eye. The new update (2021.21120.8011.0) had rolled out to everyone then, not only the Windows Insiders that Microsoft occasionally tests with.

Both functionality and user interface (UI) have changed on what is now the editing portion of the Photos app. You can right-click a photo to open it in Photos. Then, use Ctrl + E shortcut or click the appropriate option to trigger the editing feature, which is where the changes are. The design is different in what are now 4 instead of 3 tabs within the Editor. Besides, Microsoft has removed the Red eye and Spot fix tools.

Now, when you select to edit a picture, it will direct you to the default Crop screen, which is very different from its old version.

The straightening tool has been put at the bottom of the screen where the slider can shift right or left to rotate the photo and align it to how you see fit.

In the upper left, there are options to zoom in/out your image; adjust the ratio of the dimensions of the picture.


Microsoft released a new version of the Photos app for Windows 11 in October 2022, which integrates iCloud but excludes Video Editor, People, Albums, and Collection tools. If you need to use those utilities, you have to get the Microsoft Photos Legacy.

How Do Users Feel about The Removal of Windows 11 Photos Spot Fix?

In general, most Windows users feel sorry for the deletion of the Spot fix tool. They think this utility is very useful, they miss it, and they want it back! While for the abandonment of the Red eye feature, people are less upset since there are built-in similar functions in most mobile phones.

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