YouTube subscriber can stay updated with your latest videos. YouTube subscribers can watch, comment and share your videos with others. It is very important to increase YouTube subscribers to create a powerful community online.

Today, with YouTube, everyone can be a director or producer. According to YouTube, users watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube per day. Here, if you want to get more views on your YouTube videos and increase YouTube traffic, you need to focus on building subscribers.

Now, I guess you might be wondering:

“How can I get more YouTube subscribers?11

This post lists several simple yet highly effective methods to help you increase YouTube subscribers to your channel and your existing videos to make more money on YouTube.

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# 1. Create Highly Engaging Content Consistently

When it comes to increasing YouTube subscribers, you need to make a lot of content and upload videos consistently whether you are new to YouTube or you have been active on YouTube for a while.

Creating and uploading videos consistently can help build a long-term, reliable relationship with views. It is a good way to retain subscribers as well as attract new free YouTube subscribers.

A simple formula that works is this: one YouTube video every week for a total of four a month. Pick a day like Friday to upload video. If you consistently post a good video on Friday, people will expect it and set aside time to tune in.

If you haven’t uploaded videos in over a month or a year, people don’t like to become a subscriber. Conversely, if you are regularly producing content, they are going to subscribe to your channel.

Besides, if you upload video consistently, you can cover more topics. Then, more viewers may subscribe your channel for future videos since you have a wide range of expertise.

Now, I guess some users might have another issue:

“How to create YouTube videos?”

Generally, almost all video editing software can help you. However, if you want to make wonderful videos to get more subscribers on YouTube quickly, you can try MiniTool Movie Maker – a free, simple and powerful tool.

This tool not only offers cool video templates but also offers a lot of wonderful effects like transitions, filters, texts, etc. to help you create a cool video. For instance, I created a Thanksgiving video for my parents with this tool.

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# 2. Optimize YouTube Videos

The next thing you need to do is to optimize your videos to increase YouTube subscribers. To get YouTube subscribers and views, you have to optimize the YouTube video’s metadata. More tips for optimizing video can be found in 5 Powerful YouTube Video Optimization Tips. Next, let’s see how to build YouTube subscribers!

optimize the YouTube video’s metadata

Create Searchable Titles

YouTube title is the most important piece of information in your entire content. According to a survey, we find an average video with an eye-popping title will lure many viewers and some subscribers. It is very necessary to spend a long time to create a video title. Here are some recommendations:

  • Make the title descriptive.
  • YouTube title should be short, intriguing and compelling.
  • The title of your video should be at least 5 words long.
  • Include your keyword in the title.
  • Use some tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner to do some quick keyword research and pinpoint some good terms people are searching for.

For instance, Google Trends analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages and uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. With this tool, you can create content that people are already looking for. It is a good way to increase YouTube subscriber.

Use Tags Wisely

According to YouTube, tagging is one of the most important ways to help you get YouTube subscribers and views because tags give YouTube and Google information about your videos like video’s topic, category, and more.

Here are some tips for you to optimize video tags to increase YouTube subscribers:

  • Include keywords.
  • Include LSI Keywords. (LSIGraph tool can help you find the most profitable semantically related keywords for all your SEO.)
  • Add Long Tail Keywords.
  • Use Accurate Tags. According to YouTube, misleading tags can get your video taken down.)
  • Generate tags with TubeBuddy.
  • Get some ideas by browsing some well-converting videos and see what tags they are using. However, do not copy and paste video tags.
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Optimize YouTube Description

Video description not only helps search engines find your videos but also gives potential viewers an idea of what your video is about.

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube and increase YouTube traffic, you need to write an engaging and well-written description.

  • Keep it natural and authentic.
  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words.
  • Make the description at least 250 words.
  • Include your keyword 2-4 times.
  • Never use critical keywords.
  • Focus on first 2-3 sentences. YouTube recommends putting the most important keywords toward the beginning of your description because YouTube’s algorithm puts more weight on keywords that show up in the first 2-3 sentences of your description. Click here to know more information…

Create Eye-catching Thumbnails

Many YouTube creators agree that personalize video thumbnails can help get more subscribers on YouTube. When users are searching for videos, the thumbnail is one of the deciding factors in if that video is clicked.

  • Create a custom video thumbnail for each video instead of letting one be randomly generated.
  • Check out the competition and find what kind of thumbnails do they have when creating.
  • Make sure your thumbnail is related to your content.
  • Try using quality images as thumbnails, giving the association that you have a quality video.

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# 3. Optimize Your Channel Homepage to Get More Subscribers

Most viewers will check out your channel’s homepage after seeing your video. If you have an attractive and professional channel homepage, viewers will be sure to respect and trust you. Thus, these viewers will subscribe to your channel. The following is my channel homepage.

optimize channel homepage to increase YouTube subscribers

  • Put a keyword into your YouTube channel name.
  • Use your company logo with some text as channel art. Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440 pixels. Recommended max file size: 6MB.
  • In the channel’s description, you not only need to explain the type of videos you will upload, but also show what viewers can expect when they subscribe to your channel. More importantly, you need to add keywords and a clear call to action.

In a word, to increase YouTube subscribers, you need to treat your YouTube channel as a brand!

# 4. Create a Channel Trailer

Channel trailer, a great feature, helps you hook viewers when they arrive on your channel. The perfect channel trailer is somewhere between 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Your channel trailer is a brief highlight reel of who you are and why your videos are valuable. Besides, you need to provide a reason for your potential subscribers as to why they should continue to be interested in what is coming out.

Make sure your channel trailer is interesting. Like a movie trailer, if the trailer isn’t interesting to you, you will not go to see this movie.

It is time to create an engaging channel trailer to increase YouTube subscribers!

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# 5. Ask for Subscribers

The simplest way to increase YouTube subscribers is to start asking for it in your videos. Never assume that your viewer can read your mind. You can make a compelling call to action and ask them to click the “Subscribe” button right above your video.

Besides, please tell viewers why they should subscribe. You can try adding annotations that people can click on a button to subscribe throughout the video. For instance, you can use the end screens to add a subscribe element to promote subscriptions to your channel, as shown below.

ask viewers to subscribe your channel

# 6. Convert Searchers to Subscribers with Playlists

Once users watch one of your videos, they may search for a relevant keyword to see other videos in YouTube’s results. Here, it is recommended to use YouTube playlists to turn these casual viewers into subscribers. It is a good way to boost content consumption, retain subscribers, and boost your watch time.

Try the following steps to get more subscribers on YouTube by converting searchers to subscribers with playlists:

Step 1. Open the video you want in the playlist.

Step 2. Click the plus button under the video.

Step 3. Click Create a new playlist. (Here, you also can add this video the already playlist.)

Step 4. Type the playlist name, and select your playlist’s privacy setting from the drop-down box.

Step 5. Click Create button.

create playlist to increase YouTube subscribers

# 7. Cross Promote Your YouTube Channel

Last, but absolutely not least, it is very necessary to share your YouTube channel on multiple social platforms.

There is no doubt that some prospective customers don’t know you have a YouTube channel although they are looking through your Facebook, Twitter or other social media profiles. To get more YouTube subscribers, you can prompt your videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Please let your social media followers know any new video you posted. If necessary, you even can publish an article about your new video on your blog. As long as you keep sharing your YouTube channel on cross platforms, you will get more views and get more YouTube subscribers.

Besides, in addition to sharing video on Facebook and Twitter, you can expand your search net with Pinterest to get YouTube subscribers and viewers.

Most viewers search in Google or YouTube’s search bar to find your channel. Here, in fact, Pinterest is also a visual search engine to help you increase YouTube traffic as well as increase YouTube subscribers.

Turn a few of your best YouTube video into Pinterest-friendly images. For instance, if you posted a Thanksgiving video, you can make a Pinterest visual that shows your thanks, and link to your YouTube channel and tell people they can watch the full video here.

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# 8. Lean on Influencers

According to a survey, we find that at least 40 percent of people purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc. In a word, never underestimate the power of influencers. Influencers can help you reach your goal of increasing your YouTube subscribers.

Have you ever thought of using an influencer to build YouTube subscribers? YouTube influencers can help grow brand awareness around your channel quickly because of their established audiences and reputations.

Now, you might be wondering:

“Where do I find YouTube influencers to build YouTube subscribers?”

Here, you can try the following steps to find an influencer to work with:

  • Search topics within your industry on YouTube that have to do with your product or service.
  • Find the influencers who are posting about it.
  • Evaluate the relationship between the followers and the influencer.
  • Directly reach out the influencers who tend to publish their business email in the channel’s “About” section. (You need to stress 2 things: why you feel that your brand would be a good fit for the channel; and how your brand will benefit the channel’s audience.)
  • People will check out your channel when you are supported by an influencer who has a strong relationship with their followers.

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Bottom Line: Keep Experimenting and Exploring

There are 8 effective yet simple tips for increasing YouTube subscribers. Try them to get more views and increase YouTube traffic.

However, what worked for someone else might not turn out to work for you. Therefore, please keep experimenting and exploring more methods to get more YouTube subscribers.

If you have any other good solutions on how to increase YouTube subscribers, please share them with us by leaving comments in the comments below.

Note that increasing YouTube traffic and subscribers takes a lot of effort, time, perseverance, and a long-term commitment.

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Increase YouTube Subscribers FAQ

How can I increase my YouTube subscribers fast?
  1. Create highly engaging content consistently 
  2. Optimize YouTube videos and your channel homepage
  3. Ask for subscribers (make a compelling call to action and ask them to click the “Subscribe” button right above your video)
  4. Convert searchers to subscribers with playlists
Can you buy YouTube subscribers?
If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos or increase YouTube traffic, you need to increase YouTube Subscribers. Of course, you can buy YouTube subscribers. There are different ways you can buy YouTube subscribers and views safely.
How can I increase YouTube views for free?
  1. Create Outstanding Video Content
  2. Optimize Your Video
  3. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe
  4. Create Descriptive Video Playlist
  5. Use the End Screen and Cards
  6. Promote Video on Other Social Platforms
  7. Take Advantage of YouTube Analytics
  8. Nature Your Community
How do you check who is subscribed to you?
Click YouTube Studio and tap SEE MORE in the Recent subscribers. Then, you can see all subscribers on the page. The list only includes users who have made their subscriptions public.
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