This essay distributed by MiniTool Software mainly introduces Instagram tags for photography including wedding hashtags, portrait tags, landscape hashtags, as well as street tags. Continue reading for the hashtag examples.

What Is an Instagram Hashtag?

A hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash icon “#”. In social media, hashtags are applied to photo-sharing and microblogging services like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. as a form of user-generated tagging that allows cross-referencing of content by theme or topic.

For instance, a search within Instagram for the hashtag #photography returns all posts that have been tagged with that term. Behind the initial hash symbol, a hashtag may contain letters, numbers, or underscores.

What Is the Advantage of Using Hashtags?

Hashtags are very useful to make your content more discoverable and attractive. It can boost the presence of your photos and increase access and engagement on your profile. Use the correct hashtags and you can gain more likes and followers!

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Hashtag for Instagram Photography

Since Instagram is a platform mainly for sharing photos, pictures, images, or graphics, most hashtags on Instagram are about photography. Next, let’s talk about the photography tags of different niches.

Hashtag for Wedding Photography

First of all, let’s have a look at the photography of one of the best memories of a human in his life – a wedding. The topic itself is fascinating. Yet, if you grant the related photos with proper hashtags, they can be more attractive and bring you more visitors and views. The following are some examples for you to choose from. Hope you like them!

  • #WeddingPhotography
  • #WeddingPhotographer
  • #WedddingInspiration
  • #WeddingDay
  • #Bride
  • #Bridegroom
  • #WeddingDress
  • #WeddingPhoto
  • #Weddings
  • #InstaWedding
  • #brideToBe
  • #DestinationWedding
  • #Engaged
  • #Bridal
  • #Groom
  • #WeddingPlanning

Portrait Photography Hashtag

Portrait photography mainly shoots people of different races, colors, ages, genders, professions, scenes, etc. So, if you want to make your portrait photos more specific, just use more specific hashtags. Below are the common Instagram tags for portrait photos.

  • #PortraitPerfection
  • #Portrait_Society
  • #IGPortrait
  • #Portraiture
  • #PortraitOfTheDay
  • #WithHumans
  • #SelfPortrait
  • #PortraitPhotography
  • #InstaPortrait
  • #PostMorePortraits
  • #PursuitOfPortrait
  • #PortraitPage
  • #PortraitSociety
  • #DiscoverPortrait
  • #Portraits_Today
  • #PortraitFolk
  • #PortraitsFromTheWorld
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Landscape Photography Hashtag

Outdoor shooting pictures are one of the most popular parts of the large photo library of Instagram. Thus, it is harder to make your work outstanding. Therefore, you must pick some wonderful hashtags for your landscape photos. Maybe you can find several below.

  • #LandscapeLovers
  • #BeautifulLandscape
  • #Viewpoint
  • #LandscapeHunter
  • #Sky_Captures
  • #ScenicView
  • #Cloudscape
  • #SkyScape
  • #Mountains
  • #LandscapeShot
  • #Landscape_Specialist
  • #Splendid_Earth
  • #Outdoors
  • #Earthpix
  • #DiscoverLandscape
  • #AwesomeGlobe
  • #Earthescope

Hashtag for Street Photography

Unlike landscape photography, urban photography is more technical than natural. So, the hashtags you use are also different.

  • #StreetShot
  • #StreetShooter
  • #StreetLife
  • #StreetGrammer
  • #UrbanPhotography
  • #StreetVision
  • #StreetTogether
  • #StreetLeaks
  • #LensOnStreets
  • #CaptureStreets
  • #Street_Photo_Club
  • #StreetView
  • #LensCultureStreets
  • #StoryOfThe Street

Besides, there are many other types of Instagram photo hashtags including travel photography hashtags, nature photography hashtags, wildlife photography hashtags, food photography hashtags, movie photography hashtags, black and white photography hashtags, and so on.

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