What is a recruitment video? How to make a recruitment video? We will cover everything you’d like to know in this article, including good recruitment video templates, tips for creating a recruitment video, and the best recruitment video maker – MiniTool MovieMaker.

What Is a Recruitment Video

Looking to draw the attention of the best-qualified candidates to work for your company? With the development of social media platforms, video is especially effective at telling a story and enhancing business, which is why it is so valuable in advertising. The same goes for recruitment. Thus, you can post recruitment information with a video.

A recruitment video is a short video designed to attract people who’re looking for a job in an engaging way, which often showcases the basic information of a position in the company, like values, employees, benefits, salary structure, prospects, and other elements to get qualified candidates.

Recruitment videos are often posted on job-seeking sites, as well as on company websites, and social media platforms. It could be a job hiring for a specific job or a company culture video.

The benefits of recruitment videos:

  • To simplify the recruitment process. People are more likely to look for jobs on their phones now. It’s also easier to post job hiring announcements for employers.
  • To attract more applicants. Job postings with video have a higher application rate than job postings without video.
  • To enhance the company brand. A recruitment video is also a nice way to promote your company culture.
  • To save time and money resources. Apart from traditional recruitment methods, you only need to create a recruitment video and promote it, which is a great way to stay competitive and gain wider exposure.
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The Best Recruitment Videos

So, what makes a good recruiting video? In the list below, we will talk about some best recruitment videos from brands. And you can view them on YouTube and learn from their successful experience.

1. The US Space Force

This recruitment video of the US Space Force is short yet impactful, released in July 2020. It includes a series of riveting footage, involving a rocket launch, a time-lapse video of the stars, and a group of astronauts embarking on their mission.

The narrative in this video ends with the words “The future is where I will make history.” And it inspires the potential candidates and evokes a sense of excitement.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides a platform for freelancers to serve clients all over the world. Fiverr’s recruiting video humorously mimics the similarities of many other recruiting videos. At the same time, this video also highlights the brand’s sense of humor and distinctive style. In terms of funny recruiting videos, this might be one of the best.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a software company that provides users with the ability to reduce heavy lifting, arrange files, and sync them across all devices securely. Dropbox made one of the most unique recruitment videos ever. Dropbox delivered the basic message, the company’s perks, office culture, and job benefits.

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4. GrubHub

GrubHub is an online food ordering and delivery marketplace platform that features employees in its recruiting videos. “What do you bring to the table?” is the question posed to GrubHub employees in this inspirational recruiting video. They state their greatest contribution to GrubHub before talking about the food in front of them.

5. Shopify

The recruitment video of Shopify highlights a specific event – hack days. What makes this recruitment video so effective is that it takes advantage of hack day stories to showcase the company culture and how inclusive and creative Shopify employees are. This is a very fun and engaging way.

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6. Google

If we’re going to judge the success of a recruiting video, Google has to be mentioned. With over 11.5 million views, this recruiting video interviews five Google summer interns, discussing what motivates them, why they work at Google, how they’ve contributed, and what’re their feelings. It is really inspiring and highly collaborative that has attracted many qualified job seekers.

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Tips for Creating a Recruitment Video

After watching some best recruitment videos, let’s learn from them to make your recruitment videos by referring to the following useful tips.

1. Put the job candidate first.

Firstly, think about what type of candidates you want to attract. For example, Shopify focuses on creative and innovative people who want to be part of their teams. Try to show in the recruitment video that you’re standing in their point of view.

2. Keep it short.

How long should a recruiting video be? You may have this question in mind. Keep the recruitment video short, ideally between two and three minutes in length. Just put the necessary information in it to focus on what matters. If it is too long, you may lose the interest of your potential candidates.

3. Keep it fun and genuine.

A nice way to make your recruitment videos stand out from others is to make this video fun and genuine. In this regard, Fiverr’s recruitment video is a great example and you can learn from it to leave a deep impression on job seekers so that they have an interest in learning more.

4. Include a call to action.

Once viewers become interested in your company position, it’s a pity that there’s nowhere to direct them to learn more or apply for jobs. So, make sure it includes a clickable call to action to direct the viewers to the landing page on the company’s career site.

5. Promote the video extensively.

To attract more talent, the recruitment video should appear on as many platforms as possible to expand your recruitment reach. Once the video is ready, make sure it’s easy to find on your company’s career site, recruitment websites, and social media platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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How to Make a Recruitment Video – Great Recruitment Video Makers

How to make a recruitment video? Now, it’s time to start the recruitment video production. And here we will list the best recruitment video maker apps on the market to make an attractive recruitment video. Consider using the following top 4 recruitment video makers.

Top 4 recruitment video makers:

1. MiniTool MovieMaker

2. FlexClip

3. Kdenlive

4. WeVideo

1. MiniTool Moviemaker

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

the interface of MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a nice recruitment video maker for Windows users with no ads, bundles, or watermarks. In addition to recruitment videos, it’s also good at creating music videos, real estate videos, business videos, and educational videos……

MiniTool MovieMaker allows you to import multimedia files with multiple formats and generate stunning videos in a few clicks by applying its video templates. With it, you can easily split, trim, crop, flip, rotate, and reverse the recruitment video. Moreover, you’re able to add text, filters, transitions, motion effects, background music, and animated elements to this video.

Finally, you can save your recruitment videos in standard or HD quality. More importantly, it enables you to export videos in many formats and up to 1080P without any watermark.

MiniTool MovieMaker’s main features:

  • Easy to use and feature-rich.
  • Friendly to beginners.
  • Support the most popular video formats.
  • Free, no bundle, no ads, watermark-free.
  • Video speed and duration controller.
  • Add video titles, captions, and credits.
  • Add transitions, filters, motions, and stickers.
  • Change video quality, encoder, bitrate, and resolution easily.
  • ……

I have used MiniTool MovieMaker for many years. And it’s an ideal tool to create attractive recruitment videos with its powerful features.Click to Tweet

2. FlexClip

the interface of FlexClip

If you’d like to make recruitment videos online, we have to mention the best online recruitment video maker – FlexClip. It is a simple yet powerful online video editing tool that lets you create stunning videos and movies after a while.

FlexClip is very beginner-friendly as it has a simple interface and a wide range of video templates that make it easy and fast for employers to create attractive videos without any learning curve. Moreover, it features a huge high-resolution media library of photos.

With FlexClip, you can trim the video, add animated text, do color grading, and more. In addition, it has millions of dynamic vector elements and rich transitions and overlays. And it’s also a GIF maker and audio recorder.

Main features of Flexclip:

  • Don’t need to download and install any software.
  • Support all the most popular video formats.
  • Royalty-free video clips and music.
  • Cut and split the video precisely.
  • Zoom and rotate the recruitment video.
  • Text animation.
  • Record your voice-over and record the screen and webcam.
  • Save and download video projects without limit.

3. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a free, open-source, and non-linear video editor, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Based on FFmpeg, it supports almost all video and audio formats for import and export.

Kdenlive comes with a wide range of features, making it an easy-to-use and friendly video editor for beginners. It is designed to meet all needs from basic video editing to semi-professional work. Kdenlive offers an intuitive UI and streamlined workflow for users of all levels.

With Kdenlive, you can trim, cut, rotate, split, screen split, and merge the recruitment video. In addition, it supports rotoscoping for a range of shots, so you can apply color corrections, including RGB adjustments, white balance, curves, and many other options, without changing the rest of the picture.

Key features of Kdenlive:

  • Online resources of fonts, transition templates, and more.
  • A variety of effects and transitions.
  • Multi-track video editing.
  • Versatile audio mixer.
  • Screen and audio capture.
  • Semi-automatic 2D motion tracking.
  • Automatically backup.
  • Keyframe Animation.
  • Timeline preview.
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4. WeVideo

the interface of WeVideo

WeVideo is an online and cloud-based video creation platform that can work in both web browsers and mobile devices. In this way, users can easily capture, edit, view, and share videos and store their content securely in the cloud.

WeVideo offers a wide range of features for creating all types of videos, including recruitment videos. And they are especially popular with teachers and students. It has a timeline editor that you can use to layer audio, video, and title tracks. Then, it will be more efficient to edit on its timeline, including team collaboration, doing green screen, resolutions up to 4K, and more.

Finally, the completed recruitment videos can be downloaded and saved to Google Drive. You can even upload them directly on Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, and others.

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WeVideo’s main features:

  • Cut and trim video clips.
  • Enhance the recruitment videos with voice-over narration, music tracks, and sound effects.
  • Royalty-free video clips, photos, and illustrations.
  • Photo animations.
  • Add text titles and captions.
  • Speed control tool.
  • Hollywood-style green screen (chroma key) tools.
  • Easy to export, publish and share.

Final Thoughts

Compared to text alone, a recruitment video is a great way to attract potential candidates to a specific role at a company. Watch some best recruitment videos to learn from their successful experience, like the US Space Force, Dropbox, Fiverr, Shopify, etc.

Wondering how to make a recruitment video? We also have shared some efficient tips for creating a recruitment video. More importantly, here are the top 4 recruitment video makers in this article. Choose the one that suits you best to get started to create your recruitment videos now.

Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions while using MiniTool MovieMaker, please leave a comment to us or contact us via [email protected].

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