An audio mixer is available to combine two or more signals and produce one or more output signals. And it can optimize and filter the sound by adjusting levels, recording different mixes, enhancing audio quality, etc. But if you want to edit your audio files on the computer, you can try MiniTool MovieMaker.

But what is audio mixing? From Wikipedia, audio mixing refers to the process of combining multiple sounds into one or more channels, and it can be used for film, music, television, and live sound.

1. Yamaha MG10XU

Size: 10-input, 12-input, 16-input, 20-input

Style: USB Interface with Effects, Standard Mixer

Price: $193

It’s one of the best sellers of audio mixers on Amazon because of its intuitive interface, studio-quality preamps, and excellent digital processing capabilities. This digital audio mixer is the most perfect one for people desiring to produce professional and studio-standard recordings.

Main features:

  • It is a 10-channel mixer with an easy-to-use USB interface and SPX digital effects.
  • Its high-pass filters let users remove low-frequency noise.
  • Its built-in SPX digital effects offer comprehensive functions for improving  audio mixing.
  • Its 1-Knob compressors can change the level of dynamics of an audio signal.

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2. Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Premium

Size: 8-input

Style: 2-Bus Mixer with USB

Price: $119.99

It is one of the most popular audio mixers on Amazon, allowing users to make premium-quality sound and providing precise dynamic control. This digital audio mixer comes with all recording and editing software needed to turn the computer system into a personal high-performance home recording studio.

Main features:

  • Its built-in stereo USB can directly connect to the computer.
  • It is endowed with powerful, studio-grade preamps.
  • It offers the most advanced tools to create amazing, high-quality recordings.

3. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

Size: digital MP3 computer input

Style: 4 channel, 6 channel

Price: 4 options from $54.89 for a 4-channel audio mixer, $101.99 for a 6-channel one

 Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

This digital audio mixer is the most excellent mixer for multiple-audio streaming and also the perfect choice for people who enjoy streaming live music, podcasts, and events.

Main features:

  • It supports Bluetooth wireless music streaming.
  • It is great for high-quality and on-stage performances, live gigs, and Karaoke.
  • It is easy to connect with external devices.

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4. Yamaha MG06

Size: 6-input

Style: standard, built-in effects

Price: $110.59 for a mixer with built-in effects, $82.12 for a standard one

It’s also one of the best-selling audio mixers on Amazon. Its one-knob compressors offer easy control over resulting in livelier guitars, punchier bass lines, a tighter snare, and a cleaner vocal sound.

Main features:

  • It’s a 6-channel standalone audio mixer without USB.
  • It has studio-quality preamps and supports effective digital processing.

5. Mackie ProFX Series, Mixer

Style: any input

Size: 6-channel, 10-channel, 12-channel, 16-channel, 22-channel, 30-channel

Price: from $149.99 to $899.99

This digital audio mixer is a satisfying option for live, home recording, content creators, and live streaming. 

  • It is famous for its Onyx mic preamps.
  • It offers 24 different FX options, from reverbs to delays.

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Bottom Line

Now, you’ve learned 5 audio mixers. All of them have distinctive features. Which audio mixer do you like best? You can share your ideas in the below comments area.

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