How to trim the unnecessary parts of your MP4 video? All you need is an easy-to-use video trimmer, not a complicated video editor. Here, we are going to detail the top 4 free MP4 trimmers that you can try, including MiniTool MovieMaker.

How to trim MP4 videos quickly? Check this post and you will find 4 free methods.

Way 1. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is the best free way to trim MP4 videos. It is a free image organizer, graphics editor, and video editor designed for Windows users. You can easily perform tasks such as trimming, adding music, applying visual effects, extracting frames from videos, etc.

How to:

  1. Right-click the MP4 video file and choose Open with > Photos.
  2. Then the video will open and play in the Photos app.
  3. Click Edit & Create in the top right corner and select the Trim option.
  4. Slide the two white sliders to the beginning and end of the part of the video you want to keep.
  5. When you are done, click the Save a copy option.

Way 2. MiniTool MovieMaker

Another free solution to trim MP4 on Windows is to use MiniTool MovieMaker. It is a free and easy-to-use video editor that supports multiple image, audio, and video formats. In addition, it also provides you with all the editing tools you need, such as trim, split, rotate, reverse, etc.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

MiniTool MovieMaker

How to:

  1. Get MiniTool MovieMaker installed on your Windows.
  2. Launch it and click Import Media Files to import your MP4 video.
  3. Click the + icon to add it to the timeline.
  4. Hover your mouse over any edge of the video clip to get the trim icon, and then drag the icon forward or backward to remove the unwanted frames.
  5. Tap on Export to open the export window where can rename the video, change the file format, specify the output folder, and adjust the video resolution.
  6. Click Export to download the trimmed video.

Way 3. QuickTime Player

Another simple MP4 trimmer is QuickTime Player. It is a popular media player developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling digital videos, pictures, sound, etc. More importantly, it is already pre-installed on your Mac. With it, you can easily trim MP4 videos for free.

How to:

  1. Launch the QuickTime Player app on your Mac.
  2. Go to File > Open File to import the MP4 video that you’d like to trim.
  3. Click the Edit tab and select the Trim option.
  4. Drag the yellow handles in the trimming bar to select the video clip you want to keep.
  5. When finished, click the blue Trim button.
  6. Click File > Save… to export the final video.
  7. Rename the trimmed video, select where to save it on your computer, and then click Save.

Way 4. Online Video Cutter

The last MP4 trimmer we’d like to introduce is Online Video Cutter. Unlike the above 3 programs, it is a free web-based tool created by 123Apps. You can trim MP4 video files without downloading any other software. However, the maximum file size is 500 MB.

Online Video Cutter

How to:

  1. Visit on your web browser.
  2. Click Open file to import your MP4 video. Alternatively, you can add it from Google Drive, Dropbox, or by pasting the URL.
  3. Drag the trim icons at both ends to select the video clip you want to keep.
  4. Then click Save to execute your operation.
  5. Tap on Save to download the trimmed video.
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Bottom Line

All the methods provided in this article can effectively help you trim MP4 videos. Just choose the most suitable one according to your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions about MiniTool MovieMaker, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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