MiniTool Movie Maker, the best Windows Movie Maker alternative, is coming! However, do you know the difference between them? There are many differences between these two versions of video editing software. Now, let’s compare MiniTool Movie Maker VS Windows Movie Maker to know their difference.

MiniTool Movie Maker VS Windows Movie Maker

Video editing software are indeed becoming more and more popular all over the world because of the popularity of camcorders and the development of online video sharing. No doubt, there are a lot of different video editing editors on the market. Here, you must have heard of Windows Movie Maker (formerly known as Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7), and most Windows users even have used this free video editing software. However, some users are obviously disappointed by this editor, and most of them are looking for a good Windows Movie Maker alternative.

MiniTool® Software Ltd., a professional software development company based in Canada, announced a new yet professional video editing software – MiniTool Movie Maker. This free video editing software comes with simple interface and features rich editing tool. Now, we’re so excited to give you a sneak preview of a brand-new product in the MiniTool family.

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You will know which one you need to choose according to your situation from the below comparison between these two programs. 

A Basic Comparison of MiniTool Movie Maker with Windows Movie Maker

Supported Video Formats

Windows Movie Maker, video editing software by Microsoft, supports those formats of videos that come from Microsoft. Here, you can read this post “Windows Movie Maker 2020 Free Download + 6 Things To Know” to know more details about this tool.

On the other hand, MiniTool Movie Maker supports a huge variety of video formats. To be honest, MiniTool is always trying best to improve product to make it support more file formats.

supported file formats

User Interface

The main interface of Windows Movie Maker

The main window of Windows Movie Maker is made up of Menus bar, Ribbon/Toolbar, Preview window, and Storyboard, as shown below.

the main interface of Windows Movie Maker

The Home button contains many different work groups, for example, Clipboard, Add, AutoMovie themes, Editing, and Share. And, each of them includes different options. For instance, in the Add group, you can see there are 8 buttons including Add video and photos, Add music, Webcam video, Record narration, Snapshot, Title, Caption, and Credits.

To be honest, for a beginner, it is difficult to use this tool to create a movie. Here, I guess you might be interested in this post: How to Use Movie Maker | Step-by-step Guide for Beginners.

The main interface of MiniTool Movie Maker

The following window is the main interface of MiniTool Movie Maker.

the main interface of MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker also contains 4 parts (toolbar, media library, preview window and timeline) but this interface is clear and simple compared with Windows Movie Maker. In a word, simple interface to follow and no more skills required.

The target audience for MiniTool Movie Maker is the average movie creator who is looking to get professional-looking results. From the main window, we can see the best Windows Movie Maker alternative offers Transitions, Effects, and Texts to help you create a wonderful movie easily. It is very easy to find the most commonly used tools for video editing. Here, we take how to apply transition for example to show the easy-to-use video editing software.

Here, if you want to add transition effects between your videos/images in your project, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1. Click the Transition button in the Toolbar to access the transition library.

Step 2. Preview and select the desired transition effect.

Step 3. Drag the desired transition effect to the video track.

add transition to video clips

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Editing Function Comparison of MiniTool Movie Maker with Windows Movie Maker

When it comes to the “MiniTool Movie Maker VS Windows Movie Maker” topic, we need to compare their editing functions.

Basic Editing

No matter what editors you use, you can split video, trim video and add transition to your videos or images in your project. However, MiniTool Movie Maker is a wise choice for you because of its clear and simple interface. For instance, let’s see how to split/trim video in MiniTool Movie Maker.

Here, if you want to cut a clip into smaller sections or want to remove unwanted frames from the start or end of a clip, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1. Select the video clip you want to edit, and then click the scissor icon to open the Split/Trim window.

select the video clip

Step 2. In the Split/Trim window, move the slider to the desired point and then press scissor icon to split the video. Then, you will have two video clips. After that, you can delete some clips you don’t like. Click OK to save the changes. Of course, you can click the Trim option to crop video.

split video

If you want to know something about how to split video with Microsoft Movie Maker, you can read this post: How to Split and Trim Video in Windows Movie Maker (with Pictures).

Besides, MiniTool Movie Maker, an all-in-one video editing software coming soon from MiniTool, offers a lot of transition effects, such as mosaic, fade, heart, insert, etc. to help you make a smooth video.

What’s more, MiniTool Movie Maker helps you easily and quickly adjust the hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast. You only need to right-click the target photo or video clip you want to change, and then you can easily adjust it according to actual needs.

Advanced Editing

Both Windows Movie Maker and MiniTool Movie Maker offer titles, captions and end credits to help you complete your movie. But, the title offered by Microsoft video editing software is too simple and monotonous. Conversely, there are some different styles of titles and end credits in MiniTool.

Windows Movie Maker indeed offers some visual effects to help you enhance your movie. However, if you want to find more wonderful visual effects such as filters, you had better turn to MiniTool Movie Maker. You only need to click the Effects button on the Toolbar, and then you can see many different effects. After that, you are able to drag the desired filter effect to your picture or video on the track.

MiniTool Movie Maker offer a lot of effects

MiniTool Movie Maker has other advantages. This free and simple video editing software offers animation effects such as love to make your movie become cooler. More importantly, MiniTool Movie Maker offers movie templates for you. In other words, you only need to select the template you like, then import your files, and finally you can export it.

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Support Comparison of MiniTool Movie Maker with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software by Microsoft. However, the bad news is that the free video editing software was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017. Therefore, if you have any question about using Windows Movie Maker, you cannot get the help from Microsoft. Unfortunately, users will encounter some different problems while using this tool. Some common problems are listed here:

Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download. Some websites offering free downloads of Movie Maker are not offering the real thing, and those downloads may contain malware, viruses, or hidden costs. 

Recommens post: Windows Movie Maker 2020 Free Download + 6 Things To Know

Windows Movie Maker has stopped working. Some users cannot start this program successfully. Conversely, they will encounter the following error messages:

  • Windows Movie Maker has stopped working.
  • Sorry, Movie Maker can’t start. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before trying to start Movie Maker again, and then try to update the driver for your video card if Movie Maker still doesn’t start.

Here, if you encounter the error message “Windows Movie Maker has stopped working” when you are trying to start this video editing software on Windows, you can read this post “Solved – Windows Movie Maker Not Working (Windows 10/8/7)” to find how to solve it.

Windows Movie Maker doesn’t allow you to save movies because of the Movie Maker error 0x87260103.

Of course, there are still some other Windows Movie Maker problems you might encounter. Unfortunately, most of them cannot be solved easily and you cannot get support from Microsoft because this software won’t receive any security updates to fix newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Although Windows Movie Maker may have gone to the great hard drive in the sky, you don’t need to worry about it. You can find there are some excellent alternatives available that are more powerful, just as easy to use, and completely free. For example, the best Movie Maker alternative, MiniTool Movie Maker, is coming!

MiniTool Movie Maker, developed by MiniTool® Software Ltd., can help you easily create a wonderful movie. Everyone can make a movie with this tool, and the only limit is your imagination. More importantly, MiniTool offers 24*7 technical support. If you encounter any question when creating movies by using MiniTool Movie Maker, you can contact MiniTool via [email protected].

Bottom Line

Windows Movie Maker was once the world’s most popular free video editor, but after many years of distinguished service, it has been laid to rest.

MiniTool Movie Maker is an all-new and all-in-one video editing software. This straightforward, intuitive and professional software offers movie templates to help users create a wonderful movie easily and quickly.

MiniTool Movie Maker not only includes almost all basic functions in Windows Movie Maker but also offers more advanced editing function to express your creativity and make a stunning video.

Reading here, I believe you will like this software. However, don’t get too excited yet. This all-in-one tool will only be available later this year (and my guess would be a launch in October).

If you have any questions or suggestions about MiniTool Movie Maker, you can leave comments in the following blow. We will solve it as soon as possible.

Movie Maker FAQ

Is Windows Movie Maker still available?
Windows Movie Maker is a video editing tool created by Microsoft. On January 10th, 2017, Microsoft finally removed the download link from its website. However, you still can download this free Movie Maker from MiniTool.
Can I download Windows Movie Maker for free?
Windows Movie Maker, a video editing tool created by Microsoft, has been laid to rest. MiniTool has saved the links to the archives files for users. You can download Windows Movie Maker for free.
What is the best movie maker?
  1. Windows Movie Maker
  2. Photos App
  3. MiniTool Movie Maker
  4. iMovie
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  6. Openshot
  7. Lightworks
Does Windows 10 have a movie editor?
Windows has a hidden video editor that works a bit like Windows Movie Maker. With this hidden video editor, you can trim videos or create your own home movies and slideshows.
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