Windows Movie Maker is a free and easy-to-use video editing software. With the best free video editing software, users can easily create a movie and upload it on Facebook, YouTube, etc. And, don’t worry if you encounter the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue, for this article tells you why Movie Maker sound not working and gives you the solutions to fix the problem.

Windows Movie Maker No Sound

Windows Movie Maker, a free and professional video editing software, can help users easily and quickly create a movie, and then share it with friends. In general, please don’t miss Windows Movie Maker. However, it’s a bad news when you encounter the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue.

I am finding a problem with my Windows Movie Maker, I have run my videos through Media player and am certain the sound is just fine there, but when I put it on Movie Maker, No audio at all no game sounds or talking from me. Please any fix to this would be greatly appreciated. The example is from

What should you do if you encounter the same issue? Now, fortunately, this article shows the reasons that why your video played on Windows Movie Maker has no sound and how to solve the issue. Just keep reading and get what you need from this article.

Top 4 Causes of Windows Movie Maker No Sound

In general, there are many possible reasons for Movie Maker no sound issue. Here, we list the top 4 causes.

1. There’s no sound.

There’s no sound on the imported video is the obvious reason for your Windows Movie Maker no audio. Therefore, if you can’t hear audio in Movie Maker in Windows 10, the first thing you have to do is check whether your original video has sound or not.

2. The file format is not compatible.

If your original video has sound, you must consider that if the file format is compatible with Windows Movie Maker. If the audio and video files cannot sync properly, you will get the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue. In this case, you are suggested to take a look at the file format your video is and then confirm whether it is compatible with your player or not.

3. The sequences contain diverse time code.

The sequences coming with diverse time code will lead the sound problems of Windows Movie Maker, according to a report. While editing video, you may mistakenly set the output video with erroneous timescale, and then you will get the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, please make sure the timescale for your video is properly set when using Windows Movie Maker. (Here, if you don’t know how to edit video with the free video editing software, you can read this post: How to Use Movie Maker | Step-by-step Guide for Beginners.)

Solved – Windows Movie Maker Not Working (Windows 10/8/7)
Solved – Windows Movie Maker Not Working (Windows 10/8/7)

Windows Movie Maker not working? Now, this article shows how to solve the Movie Maker has stopped working as well as Movie Maker can't start issue.

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4. Frame rates are incorrect.

As we know, if the frame rates are incorrect, you will encounter the no sound issue. Therefore, always make sure you have set the correct timescale when you edit your video.

After knowing the reasons for Movie Maker sound not working, let’s see how to fix the audio problem.

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How to Fix Windows Movie Maker No Sound

Here, we offer 8 ways to help you solve the no sound issue in Windows Movie Maker. Hope one way can help you.

Solution 1. Restart the Computer

As simple as it sounds, some issues can be solved by restarting. For intance, I used a YouTube converter to convert YouTube to MP3, and added this file to Windows Movie Maker. But, I could not hear the sound in Movie Maker in Windows 10,. Fortunately, restarting computer helped me.

Solution 2. Check the Video Volume Is Off or Not

Sometimes, users are struggled to fix the no sound issue on Windows Movie Maker. However, some of them may ignore the factor: Video volume. If the Video volume is off, you are sure to encounter the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue. Here, I guess you might be interested in this post: Easily Remove Audio from Video! (Tutorial for Windows Users). Therefore, you need to see if the Video volume is off or not by the following steps:

  • Launch Movie Maker, and import your video files.
  • Click on the Video Tools > Edit.
  • Select the Video volume feature and check if it is off or not.

Check the Video volume is off or not

Solution 3. Check Audio Codec and Device

Sometimes, when it comes to the Movie Maker no audio problem, we find your file might not be the problem but the device you are using. It is recommended to check your device to make sure that sound can be heard and the sound drivers are well installed. As we know, although you have drivers installed, the sound will not play well because these drivers are outdated. In order to avoid the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue, you have to make sure you have installed the latest drivers.

Solution 4. Run Windows Movie Maker in Compatibility Mode

Some Windows 10 users reported that running Movie Maker in compatibility mode can solve the audio problem. Here, you can try the following steps to fix the Windows Movie Maker no audio issue.

Step 1. Go to C:Program Files (x86)Windows LivePhoto Gallery, then look for and right click the MovieMaker file, and choose Properties.

right click MovieMaker and click Properties

Step 2. Click on Compatibility.

Step 3. Check the Run this program in compatibility mode for, and then select Windows 7 in the drop down.

Step 4. Click Apply and close it.

Run this program in compatibility mode for

Step 5. Restart Movie Maker and check if the no sound issue is resolved.

Solution 5. Restart Windows Audio Service

It has been reported by some users that restarting Windows Audio service can fix the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue.

The steps are:

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Click the Services
  • Right-click the AudioSrv (Windows Audio).
  • Choose Restart from the list of options.

restart Windows Audio service

Here, restating Windows Audio Service is indeed a working solution for Movie Maker audio problem, but you need to do it every time you start a Movie Maker project or restart your computer.

Solution 6. Turn off DTS Sound

You can try fixing the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue by turning off the DTS sound.

The steps are:

Step 1: Type DTS in the Search bar.

Step 2. Click the DTS Sound from the list of results.

Step 3. In the DTS Sound window, click the power button icon on the left to turn it off. After it has been turned off, the DTS Sound window should become gray.

Step 4. Go back to Movie Maker and try if the audio works.

If you want to use the DTS sound, you are recommended to set it to internal from the main screen instead of turning it off completely. And, this also can help you solve the no sound issue on Windows Movie Maker.

Solution7. Convert Video File Format

You will experience the Windows Movie Maker sound not working issue if you don’t save your video in a compatible format. In this case, the best solution to make sure the sound plays is to convert your video into a compatible format which is supported by Windows Movie Maker like WMV. Now, look at the following chart to know the audio formats that the program works well with and then convert your video to one of these compatible formats.

Windows Movie Maker supports file types

Solution 8. Turn to Third-Party Programs

If the above solutions cannot help you solve the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue, you should try the last resolution – seeking an alternative program in solving the problem. And, you will find there are a lot of third-party programs in the market that will make it easy playing sound from a file that has failed to play.

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The Best Alternative of Windows Movie Maker to Fix the No Sound Issue

Here, MiniTool Movie Maker, an all-in-one and all-new video editing software, is the highly recommended Windows Movie Maker alternative. The best video editing software is coming soon from MiniTool® Software Limited. This tool makes editing and sharing videos fast and easy. This video editing software is going to change the way you create a movie.

Key Features of MiniTool Movie Maker

  • Offer wizard-like interfaces as well as simple operations.
  • Simple interface with all editing tools displayed in the main window, thus users can see and use tools easily.
  • Provide powerful transitions effects, filter effects, animation effects, and text effects.
  • Offer beautiful and wonderful video templates. Users can select a suitable one according to actual needs.
  • Export video in multiple formats or directly optimize videos for YouTube, Facebook, etc.

How to Use MiniTool Movie Maker

In general, it is very easy to create a cool video with MiniTool Movie Maker.

Step 1. Launch it and choose a video template.

Step 2. Import your files including videos and pictures.

Step 3. Export your cool movie. If you don’t satisfied with this movie, you can edit and then export it.

SEE! MiniTool Movie Maker is the best Windows Movie Maker alternative. MiniTool team has had a ton of fun developing this tool so far, and we know that the journey is just beginning. Now, subscribe to get this tool. Try it and tell your story in your way easily in the future.

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Bottom Line

Here, this article offers 8 solutions to fix the Windows Movie Maker no sound issue.

Now, I want to hear from you:

Which solution from this post was the most effective way for you?

Should you have any other solutions to fix the Windows Movie Maker audio problem, let me know by leaving a quick comment or sending emails to [email protected].

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