Instagram Stories and Reels have a Music sticker that allows you to add a song to the videos your share. How to add music to Instagram Post? The music feature was previously only available on Stories and Reels, but it has now been extended to photo carousels, letting you add music to multiple images within a post. However, Instagram doesn’t yet bring the music capability to carousels with multiple videos. Now, let’s see how to add music to Instagram post with multiple photos.

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How to Add Music to Instagram Post with Multiple Photos

When you create a post with multiple images on Instagram, you can add music. This feature is available on the Instagram app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can’t use the music feature when creating a photo carousel on a computer.

Follow the steps below to add music to an Instagram post with multiple photos.

Step 1. Open your Instagram app on your device and tap the + button at the bottom or swipe right in Feed.

Step 2. Select POST at the bottom and then click the SELECT MULTIPLE button, a gallery-like icon to the left of the camera icon.

Step 3. Select your images. You can choose up to 10 photos in a carousel post. Then, tap Next in the top right.

Step 4. Optionally, you can add filters, and then click Next.

Step 5. In the New post, tap Add music to open the music library on Instagram. Then, you can select a recommended song, browse for a desired one, or simply type to search.

Step 6. Once you’ve selected a song, you can scroll back and forth on the audio waveform to select the segment of the song you’d like to add to your post.

Step 7. Tap the number to change the duration of your music clip from 5 to 90 seconds, and click Done, Next, or the checkmark to save your changes.

Step 8. Finish your post and tap Share.

How to add music to an Instagram video before sharing it? You can use MiniTool MovieMaker to add your favorite song and edit it.

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Why Can’t I Add Music to My Instagram Post

As for the music feature in Instagram Post, there are two things you should know. First, you can only add music to a carousel post with multiple images, not carousels with videos. Secondly, this feature isn’t available on computers.

However, if you can only add music to a single photo on Instagram but have trouble adding music to a carousel of multiple images, you must be wondering “Why can’t I add music to my Instagram post with multiple photos”. It’s usually because this feature is not available in your region. IG post music is a relatively new feature that’s not rolled out to everyone yet.

If you don’t have music access to photo carousels on Instagram, you can try the following tips, but these don’t guarantee that Instagram will provide the music feature to your account.

Update the Instagram App

Make sure your Instagram app is up to date. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram to check for updates. If a new version is available, click Update to install it.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If updating the app doesn’t help, try uninstalling Instagram from your device and then reinstalling it.

Try a VPN

If you have a VPN installed on your device, connect to it and check that the “Add Music” button appears in your photo carousel.

Again, these tips don’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get the music feature for your photo carousel on Instagram. If none of them work, wait for Instagram to roll out to your account or region.

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Instagram is committed to bringing you new ways to express your creativity and connect with friends. Now it enables you to add soundtracks to your photo carousels. However, if you still don’t know how to do it, follow the clear steps in this post.

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