Sometimes, you may want your face in the video to look different to create funny videos. Then you can change it by adding face swap filters or just adding a sticker or emoji to your face in the video. With the replace face in video apps in the post, you can easily make face swap videos.

Generally, there’re 2 methods to change face in the video. First, you can replace a face in a video with a sticker or emoji. Second, you can try the replace face in video apps to create face swap videos.

It’s easy to add a sticker to the video online, and on your phones, you can use InShot or other video editors to replace the face in a video with emojis or stickers.

How to face swap in a video? In this post, we’ll introduce 5 useful replace face in video apps that enable you to change the face in a video and make funny face swap videos. (Try MiniTool MovieMaker to edit videos on Windows for free.)

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#1. FacePlay (Android and iOS)


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FacePlay, a popular face swap video editor, can merge a person’s photo and a target face into one. To help you make face swap videos with great ease, this app provides various cosplay video templates for you.

After picking your favorite one, just import your selfie, then FacePlay will automatically merge the two faces. And finally, you’ll become the protagonist of the video template.

#2. Reface (Android and iOS)

Reface is one of the best face swap video editors and video face changers. This app offers a huge collection of source videos, GIFs, and photos for you to make face swap videos and face swap GIFs.

With Reface’s face changer, you can replace your face with a celebrity, a person in popular TV and movie clips, and funny memes. Also, this app lets you play with live face swap and gender swaps. And you can directly share your face swap video to messengers and social media.

#3. FaceMagic (Android and iOS)

Powered by AI, FaceMagic can swap your face or your friend’s face in any video, photo, and GIF. And this app allows you to upload any videos from your gallery to create custom face swap videos. Also, you can choose from the built-in sources of videos, photos, and GIFs.

With FaceMagic, you can change the face, replace face, and face swap with one selfie, create funny face swap videos and photos.

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#4. Faces (Android and iOS)

Faces is another funny video face changer that can put your face in funny videos and GIFs. It also has many super fun videos and GIFs.

You can take a selfie or add faces of friends, family members, pets, and other persons, then choose a source video, then do the live face swap to create short and funny videos or dancing videos for any occasion.

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#5. Add Face To Video (Android)

This is also one of the best face swap video editors to add face to a video on Android. How to swap face in a video using this app? Just choose a short video template, then add your selfie, and this app will reface your face into the face character. Also, you can save the result as a GIF.

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With the 5 applications, you can easily replace and change the face in a video to make funny face swap videos. Now, choose one app and try to make your funny video and share it with friends.

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