Instagram has published a new typeface called – Instagram Sans for its users to create Stories and Reels. This new font is derived from Instagram-style squares and circles and combines them as squircles. It makes Instagram more identical. For more details, just read the following content elucidated by MiniTool.

Instagram Fonts Add a New Member – Instagram Sans

Instagram released a big “brand refresh” on May 23, 2022. That is just a beautiful description for updating some marketing materials and making big statements for its logos. In addition to that, another big change is that Instagram built its own typeface – Instagram Sans. Instagram plans to apply the Instagram fonts in both marketing and the app itself.

Inspired by the Instagram logo, Instagram Sans “reflects the shape of the glyph and our commitment to simplicity and craft.” Just as hand-wavy mentioned. Fonts Instagram is largely inspired by the mix of circles and squares, squircles.

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What Does Instagram Sans Look Like?

Besides, as Instagram has usually tried to do, Instagram Sans is a combination of hand-made and pixel-perfect with a few details, such as the not quite straight terminal at the bottom of the “t”, which make it look more humane. In some places, you may see the evolution from the cursive logo that Instagram has continued for many years.

The majority of Instagram Sans fonts are fairly straightforward sans-serif lettering that makes sense for a brand with various kinds of users. To ensure the Sans typeface is compatible with as many languages as possible including script languages like Japanese and Thai, Instagram has to cooperate with linguists.

In some fonts, only a small hump in the tail of the uppercase or capital “Q” gives away that it is an unusual font. However, when there is Instagram Sans Script that adds broad brushstroke-y flourishes to practically every letter, sometimes to cool effect while other times to deeply strange results.

What Does Instagram Sans Mean to Instagram?

The novel Instagram fonts give Instagram a much more distinct identity. One place that Instagram hopes its customers to try Sans font is in Reels and Stories, where a caption written in Sans Script is going to look quite different from a ripped TikTok video.

However, what really matters is the feelings of users. Well-knowing the power of the resistant users, Instagram takes changes step by step without rolling out a completely new app at one time. Yet, it is sure that you will see squircles in more and more places.

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