How do I cut out part of a GIF? How do I extract frames from a GIF? How do I make a GIF from pictures? All these questions would be answered in this post. You can check out this post and find a GIF cutter that suits you best.

Why need to cut a GIF? The following reasons are:

  1. You want to trim the unwanted frames of a GIF.
  2. The GIF file size is too big and you need to remove some frames from it.
  3. It takes much time to load a GIF, so you need to shorten the duration of the GIF.

Now, let’s see how to cut a GIF with 6 best GIF cutters including MiniTool software – MiniTool MovieMaker.

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Top 9 GIF Alternatives: APNG, WebP, AVIF, MNG, FLIF, AVG…

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Part 1. Top 2 GIF Cutters for Computer

For computer users, here are 2 desktop GIF cutters – MiniTool MovieMaker and Photoshop.

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a GIF cutter as well as a GIF maker. Supporting the most popular formats, this software can cut GIF, MP4, AVI, WebM, WMV, MKV, MP3, etc. Also, it’s capable of making a GIF from pictures and videos.

When using this GIF cutter software, expect for splitting, combining, and cutting GIFs, you are allowed to apply filters, add text to GIFs, and even make GIFs with sound.

Main Features

  • It’s free and clean, with no ads, no watermarks, no bundles, and no hidden costs.
  • It supports importing GIFs, images, videos, and audio files.
  • GIFs can be trimmed, split, cut, and combined.
  • You can make a GIF from pictures or video clips.
  • It lets you text GIFs, apply filters to GIFs, and add music to GIFs.
  • GIFs can be exported in various video formats including MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, and so on. See also: MP4 to GIF.
  • Some exquisite Hollywood-style movie templates are offered.

Here’s how to cut a GIF with MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 1. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

  • Free download MiniTool MovieMaker and install it on the computer.
  • After installing the program, open it and shut down the Movie Template window to access the main interface.

Step 2. Import the target GIF.

  • Click on Import Media Files to import the GIF that needs to be cut.
  • Then drag and drop it to the timeline or click the plus icon on the GIF to add it to the timeline.

import GIF

Step 3. Cut the GIF.

  • Choose the GIF and move the playhead to where you want to cut. Before that, you’d better click the Zoom to Fit Timeline button to adjust the GIF to fit the timeline to edit the GIF frame by frame.
  • Click the scissors icon on the playhead to split GIF.
  • Choose the unwanted frames and tap on the trash icon to remove them, or right-click on it to select the Delete

Step 4. Edit the GIF.

  • Text the GIF: Shift to the Text tab and click on Caption to choose the wanted caption. Then add it to the text track and enter the text.
  • Apply Effects: Switch to the Effect tab and choose the desired effect to add it to the GIF.

To learn more, see this post: How to Edit A GIF Quickly and Easily (Step by Step Guide).

Step 5. Export the GIF.

  • When you’re done, click on the Export button in the menu bar to open the Export
  • In the Export window, you need to change the output format as GIF. Then you can rename the GIF and change the destination folder as you like.


Here you may wonder is it possible to cut a GIF in Photoshop. Yes, you are right. Aside from designing graphics, Photoshop can be used to cut GIF or convert AVI to GIF. As a simple GIF cutter, it cannot do advanced editing to a GIF, but it’s enough for cutting a GIF.

Main Features

  • It allows you to cut GIFs.
  • You can edit GIFs such as loop GIF, resize GIF, and split GIF.
  • It can convert MP4 to GIF and AVI to GIF.
  • It’s an image editor featuring advanced photo editing tools.

Want to know how to cut a GIF in Photoshop? Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Launch the Photoshop app if you’ve installed it previously.

Step 2. Go to File> Open… to load the GIF.

Step 3. When all the frames show in the Timeline window, choose the frame you want to remove and click the trash icon to delete it. To remove multiple frames from GIF, you can press the Ctrl key to select those frames and delete them at once.

Step 4. After removing those unwanted frames, go to File> Save for Web to save the GIF.

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Part 2. Top 2 GIF Cutters for Mobile Device

If you want to cut duration of animated GIF on your phone, here are 2 GIF cutter apps available for you.

GIF Studio

GIF Studio is a GIF cutter app that allows you to cut GIF, merge GIF, make GIF, and so on. This GIF cutter can be regarded as a GIF viewer and you can play a GIF at different speeds. Also, you can change the speed of a GIF as you like.

GIF Studio

Main Features

  • It lets you cut, merge and crop GIFs.
  • You can remove the background of a GIF.
  • It supports convert video clips to GIF or make a photo slideshow.
  • You are able to extract pictures from a GIF.
  • It offers a variety of effects and stickers.

Follow the steps below to cut a GIF.

Step 1. Find GIF Studio in Google Play and install it on your phone.

Step 2. Select the target GIF from Album and share it to GIF Studio.

Step 3. Choose the cut tool and select the desired frame slot to cut out unnecessary frames.

Step 4. Then click the Save button to save changes.

GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

This GIF cutter offers all essential features to edit a GIF including cutting, cropping, flipping, and rotating. By using this app, you can adjust the color balance for GIFs and control its speed. More importantly, it enables you to create GIF memes in minutes. To make a funny GIF, you can use the GIF reverser to reverse a GIF.

GIF Maker

Main Features

  • You are allowed to cut duration of animated GIF.
  • You can make GIF memes.
  • It comes with all features needed to edit GIFs.
  • It offers over 30 filters and 20 frames.
  • It lets you change the contrast, saturation, hue, and shadow of a GIF.
  • It allows to share GIFs via social media and email.

Here’s how to cut a GIF.

Step 1. Install GIF Maker on the phone.

Step 2. Launch the app and open the target GIF you want to trim.

Step 3. Click the Trim button to trim the GIF.

Step 4. Afterward, tap on Save to apply the change.

Part 3. Top 2 GIF Cutters Online

Most people tend to cut GIFs online to avoid installing third-party software on the device. If you also like to cut GIFs online, here recommend the 2 best online GIF cutters – and Lunapic. is a free online GIF cutter available for all modern browsers. In addition to cutting GIF, it also enables you to split, crop, resize, optimize GIF as well as add text and overlay to GIF. Similar to other GIF cutters, this GIF cutter allows you to make and convert GIF from videos.

Main Features

  • It’s a GIF maker and GIF editor.
  • It supports edit GIFs such as cutting, resizing, optimizing, splitting, rotating, reversing, and censoring.
  • It allows adjusting the speed of a GIF and apply filters to GIF.
  • It can be used to convert Webp to GIF, APNG to GIF, etc.

Here are the detailed steps to cut duration of animated GIF.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Hover the mouse on Effects and select the Cut duration option from the drop-down list.

Step 3. Import the target GIF and click on Upload!

Step 4. In the Cutting options tab, you can choose to cut GIF by frame number or by time (seconds). Then enter the exact number in the box.

Step 5. After that, press the Cut duration! button to delete unwanted frames from GIF.

Step 6. Finally, tap on Save to save the GIF.

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Lunapic is a comprehensive online GIF cutter and image editor. With it, you can edit frames, remove animation and remove frames from GIF, reduce GIF file size, and many more.

Main Features

  • It helps delete frames from GIF, remove animation from GIF, apply effects to GIF, etc.
  • You can make a GIF from video clips.
  • It lets you view full-sized frames of a GIF.
  • It lets you edit images with tons of advanced photo editing tools.

Here’s how to cut a GIF with Lunapic.

Step 1. Open the Lunapic website and upload the target GIF.

Step 2. Navigate to Animation> Edit GIF Animation.

Step 3. Choose the Animation Ordering option to display all GIF frames.

Step 4. Click X to remove those frames that you don’t want to keep and tap on Save Changes.

Step 5. Right-click on the GIF and select Save image as… to save the GIF.

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Part 4. How to Extract Frames from GIF

Do you want to convert GIF to frames and save frames as pictures? This part will tell how to extract frames from GIF by using a GIF extractor.

Let’s take a look at how to break a GIF into frames.

Step 1. Head to the Picasion website.

Step 2. Click on Split a GIF next to Webcam to GIF in the lower right corner of the window.

Step 3. Upload the GIF that you want to extract frames and press the Split a GIF button.

Step 4. After a while, you can preview all frames of the GIF and click Save all frames to save GIF frames as pictures.

Bonus Tip: How to Convert Pictures to GIF

After knowing how to break GIF into frames, here offers you a way to make GIFs from images.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 2. Launch it and click the Full-Feature Mode to enter the main interface.

Step 3. Import all prepared images and add them to the timeline.

Step 4. You can rearrange them in the desired order.

Step 5. Open the Export window by clicking on Export.

Step 6. Change the output format as GIF and then rename the file or change the save path as needed.

Step 7. Lastly, hit the Export button to convert pictures to GIF.

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This post picks the top 6 best GIF cutters and shows you how to extract frames from GIF. If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

If there are any questions about MiniTool MovieMaker, please contact us via [email protected] or leave a comment below.

GIF Cutter FAQ

? How many seconds is a GIF?
The duration of a GIF usually is limited to 15 seconds, but the recommended GIF duration is less than 6 seconds.
? Are there GIF with sound?
GIF is an image format. So it does not support sound. If you want to make a GIF with sound, you need to convert the GIF in video format.
? How do you combine GIFs?
  • Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker.
  • Launch it and close the pop-up window.
  • Import the GIFs and add them to the timeline.
  • Then export them and choose GIF as the output format.
  • Click the Export button to combine the GIFs.
? What is the best GIF app?
  • Giphy
  • Giffer
  • GifBoom
  • 5 Seconds App
  • GIFMill
  • DSCO
  • Gifx
  • MyFaceWhen
  • linkedin
  • reddit