When you upload your videos to the social media platform, there are always limits to the video size and aspect ratio. Have they ever disturbed you? You aren’t distressed by it at all, with the aid of video resizers. Below are the 6 best video resizers, and you can choose the most suitable one.

Video resizers always focus on the setting to video size and aspect ratio, which can make your sharing much easier rather than negative cutting by different standards of social media. As we all know, every platform has its own video specs. Here’s a table about the aspect ratio in different social media.

Aspect Ratio

Social Media


Facebook and Twitter Portrait Videos


Facebook and Instagram Feed Video




Tik Tok, Instagram and Snaps Story Video


Facebook Cover and Blog Banners


Twitter and Facebook Landscape Video

According to the social media platform you share, you can set the size of your video in advance. Additionally, if you want to adjust the video’s resolution and format, MiniTool MovieMaker is your consistent choice.

1.Lightworks (Windows/Mac/Linux)

As an advanced video editor, Lightworks supports running on multi-platform to resize video. It is a very suitable video resizer for the professionals and is very friendly to high-resolution videos. You can change the aspect ratio of video by cropping it. There are four sliders in crop options to adjust the size.


  • Free, available for Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Offers many video-editing features.
  • The ability to edit high-quality video without quality loss.
  • Supports customized options.


  • Has no aspect ratio templates to resize directly.
  • Only the Pro paid version supports resolution change.
  • Unfriendly to the beginners.
  • Sometimes crash may happen.

2.Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker has great compatibility with Windows 10. And its simple interface and easy-to-use system are the advantages you may prefer. Moreover, this free video resizer for Windows offers users many excellent features enough to meet your basic editing requirements, resizing the video dimension, reducing the file size, etc.


  • Free, easy-to-use.
  • Supports many video formats.
  • Customizes the size of the video when exporting.
  • No purchase-in program.


  • Only available for Windows.
  • Not really smooth when running.

3.iMovie (Mac/iPhone)

iMovie is another video resizer that makes you at ease because of its simple design and intuitive interface. Designed by Apple, it’s a built-in software designed for Mac/iPhone users.

If you want to resize video with iMovie, just use the frame to choose the wanted section to finish. Besides, there are some options of aspect ratio for you, Widescreen (16:9), Standard (4:3), etc.


  • Free and no third-party installation required.
  • Offers many useful features to change the aspect ratio, file size exportation.
  • Simple design to ease your eyes.
  • Offers various effects and themes for users.
  • Support caption adding, text editing, and fading out & fading in music.


  • Only supports iOS and Mac OS, not available for Windows users.
  • Overwhelming features may confuse beginners.

4.Video Compressor Panda (Android)

Available on Google Play Store, Video Compressor Panda is a good choice for Android users that can compress the file size and resize the video easily. It supports all kinds of video formats to import, and easily export to share in the social network. Compared with application in PC, it’s straightforward.


  • Easily available and free.
  • Has a clear, easy-to-use interface.
  • Versatile and can easily reduce file size and change dimensions.
  • Can directly share with social media on the mobile phone.


  • Has limits to video file size.


For iPhone users, there is an easy way to change the dimension of your video. In the newly iOS 13, the built-in Photos app has been enhanced that have more video-editing function, including the option of aspect ratio. You just click the Edit button and choose the Crop option, where you can change the aspect ratio of your video.


  • Free, simple, without other apps.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Can’t change the file size.


Animaker, an online video resizer, can help you resize video easily. Its dynamic interface is attractive and easy-to-use. And it offers some aspect ratio types for different social platforms to automatically help you resize.


  • Has an impressive and simple interface.
  • Free available on any platform.
  • Offers preset types of aspect ratio.
  • Provides many optional templates after logging in.
  • Nearly unlimited file size, up to 20 GB.


  • Has an in-purchase program.


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Bottom Line

If you want to resize video for YouTube, you could find one video resizer in the above recommendations to help resize video and share on YouTube.

You are welcome to contact us via [email protected]or share your ideas in the comments section if you have any suggestions.

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