With time lapse apps, you can easily create time lapse videos on your Phone. To help you make amazing time lapse videos, this post will provide you with the 5 best time lapse apps. And if you want to create a time lapse video on your computer, MiniTool MovieMaker should be the first resort.

Sometimes, you may wonder how to make time lapse video on phone. To help you solve this problem this post is going to offer you the 5 best time lapse apps that you must try in 2020.

1. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Compatibility: iOS 

It’s the best time lapse app for iPhone, and it offers Instagram’s in-house stabilization to shoot polished time lapse videos. When you’re walking, running, jumping, or falling, you can shoot videos in motion with Hyperlapse.

And its automatic stabilization enables you to get time lapse videos with cinematic quality. It can speed up the time lapse videos up to 12x. What’s more, it makes you share videos on Instagram and Facebook or save videos on your iPhone.

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2. Framelapse

Compatibility: Android

It’s a versatile time lapse app to make stunning time lapse videos. With its simple, fast, and intuitive interface, you can record high-quality time lapse clips with ease. The basic features include frame interval that’s used to adjust the time between each capture, beautiful themes, front and back camera support, video frame rate options.

Besides, it can set video duration to stop recording automatically, adjust the white balance, color effects, etc. Moreover, it offers high-quality video in MP4 format and it can be played on any device, and the supported video resolution includes Full HD 1080p and 2160p 4K.

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3. Lapse It

Compatibility: Android and iOS

When you use this time lapse app to shoot time-lapse videos, you can choose a mode from focus mode, ISO mode, scene mode, and white balance. Excepting for taking time lapse videos, it can also import pre-recorded video clips to make a slow motion and fast motion videos.

And you can also make videos from pictures. It allows you to adjust the saturation, brightness, opacity of the images, change the image order, and blur images, etc. More importantly, you can add music to videos.

4. Timelapse pro

Compatibility: iOS 

It’s also taken as the best time lapse app for iPhone to make great time lapse videos. It offers fully customizable time lapse settings, including FPS, shoots interval, shoot length, and start delay. And it gives you an auto or locked exposure option and focus option.

Besides, it offers you 25 video effects and sound effects, and it enables you to add songs to video. You can export the video to the camera roll and share it on YouTube.

5. Skyflow

Compatibility: iOS 

It’s another best time lapse app for iPhone for photographers who want the best quality time-lapse shooting. It can shoot and export time lapse videos with a resolution up to 4K, and it offers RAW shooting and export. And it offers noise reduction for cleaner shots, can change some parameters during shooting, and can zoom with lens distortion control, etc.

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Bottom Line

With the time lapse apps above, you will never worry about how to make time lapse videos on phone. Choose one and try to make your unique time lapse videos. If you have other brilliant time lapse apps, please leave your recommendations below.

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