Sometimes, you may try to create mixed pictures by overlaying two or more photos on each other on your Android. If you want to make these amazing pictures, the easiest way is to use a photo blender app. And luckily, this post has compiled a list of 6 picture blenders for your Android.

If you’re searching for the best photo blender app for Android, you’ve come to the right place. This post will introduce 6 blending photos apps to you.

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#1. Ultimate Photo Blender / Mixer

Ultimate Photo Blender

Ultimate Photo Blender / Mixer is one of the best photo blender apps for Android. It allows you to mix two or more photos with advanced blending tools like double exposure, multi-exposure, overlays, etc. Also, it can crop images, adjust the orientation of photos, add stickers, frames, borders, and text to the image, etc.

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#2. Blend Me Photo Editor

Blender Me Photo Editor is also an excellent photo mixing app for Android, helping you to mix two photos with the blend effect and shape overlay. It’s easy to blend images. You can adjust the opacity or fade to meet your needs. Also, it lets you create photos in different shapes like heart, circle, rectangle, and 3D shapes.  

With the cutout feature, it can remove and change the image background. And this app provides thousands of backgrounds. Also, it allows you to crop, rotate, flip photos, add text, stickers, cool filters to the picture, etc.

#3. Auto Photo Mixer

Auto Photo Mixer is another photo mixing app to mix and blend two or more images. Also, it can remove the image background, add filters to the image, rotate, resize, zoom pictures, apply overlay effect to give double exposure, add text to the picture, etc. And it has 800+ layouts of photo frames and grids.

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#4. Photo Overlays – Blender

Photo Overlays – Blender

With this photo blender, you can easily create double or multi-exposure images by applying effects and overlays. And this app can edit your images with many other editing tools. It can crop, flip, rotate images, add stickers, frames, and text to the image. And it offers multiple photo filters to make your picture more beautiful.

#5. Photo Blend – Double Exposure Effect

This picture blender app has categorized blend effects into many parts, such as Nature, Sunset, Animal, Mountain, etc. It also provides multiple blend styles and allows you to preview the effect. Besides, it lets you Zoom and scroll blend image with effect, add stickers and text to the image, and share your picture on social media.

#6. Photo Blender: Mix Photos

It’s also a reliable photo blender app you should try. This app allows you to blend two photos with more than 50 styles and adjust the position of each blending photo. And it offers 1000+ photo collage templates. And it also can help you add text, stickers, and frames to the image, and apply filters.

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This post shares 6 photo blender apps for your Android. With them, you can easily blend two images to create an amazing picture. Now, you can choose one and have a try. If you’d like to share other photo mixing apps with us, just leave them in the below comments area.

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