With night vision camera apps, you can take cool photos and videos with your phone in poor light conditions without additional lighting. This post covers the 4 best night vision apps for your Android and iOS devices. Keep reading to find the best one that works for you.

The content below covers the features of each night vision camera apps. After reading, I hope you will find your favorite one to take perfect shots at night.

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Color Night Vision Camera VR (Android)

Color Night Vision Camera VR

Color Night Vision Camera VR is one of the best night vision camera apps that help you take great photos and videos in poor visibility conditions without any additional appliances. The algorithm of this app is based on the histogram equalization method which will maximize the contrast of the image adapting to the light conditions.

In addition, the virtual reality mode is also available when you are shooting. It also features a gain slider to control the digital amplification and an exposure compensation slider to manually adjust the brightness of the camera preview.

It also helps you to edit your photos with customized tools. You can also use various effects and filters and perform photo editing to make your photos even more attractive.

Night Vision Flashlight (Android and iOS)

Night Vision Flashlight is also an amazing night vision camera app for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to control the brightness, color, and add special effects to your photos. You can also use the thermal vision filter and flashlight at the same time to achieve high photo quality in low light conditions.

You can even turn this app into a flashlight app that can help you walk by night without stumbling on the ground. It is very helpful if you are navigating in complete darkness.

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NightCap Camera (iOS)

NightCap Camera

NightCap Camera also ranks highly on the list of the best night vision camera apps. With it, you can take amazing low light and night photos, videos, and 4K time-lapse. It features an AI camera control which will set optimum focus and exposure automatically for a brighter and clearer shot. All you need to do is just hold steady and tap the shutter.

You can try the long exposure mode for motion blur effects and reducing image noise and capture detailed shots. The light trails mode can preserve moving lights which are ideal for moving traffic or fireworks. There are also 4 dedicated astrophotography camera modes to shoot starry sky or watch the stars paint circles in the sky.

The video recording with special night mode and time-lapse recording with adjustable speed, long exposure, light trails support, and 4K resolution are also accessible on your iPhone.

Night Mode Camera (Android)

Night Mood Camera, as one of the best night vision camera apps, enables you to shoot in low light and zoom in like binoculars. With the binocular mode, you can use the 45X magnification to see distant objects. Then you can capture them in HD quality.

This app is suitable for both taking photos and recording videos. With low light support during recording, you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result and set 1-8X zoom simultaneously. Its automated tools will balance the lighting and your shots will not require extra exposure correction.

After shooting, you can keep and organize your photos to your own library, or you can share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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This post shares the 4 best night vision camera apps that help you take amazing photos or record videos at night or in poor light conditions. What is your favorite one? Welcome to share your ideas or make supplements in the comments section below!

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