After you create a post on Instagram but you don’t want to post it immediately, you can save it as a draft. This post will show you how to save Instagram drafts and how to find and delete drafts on Instagram.

Instagram is the best place to share photos and videos with friends and family. After creating a great post, it’s important to choose the time of posting. Instagram’s draft feature allows you to save your post as a draft and share it later.

This post will show you how to create Instagram drafts and how to find and delete them on Instagram.


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How to Save a Draft on Instagram

If you want to prepare posts for Instagram ahead of time, just start your creation, then save and keep it as a draft.

Here’s how to save a post as a draft on Instagram.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app, tap the plus icon at the bottom and then scroll to the Post.

Step 2. Upload a photo/video or take a new one, then click the Next (iPhone) or the arrow icon (Android).

Step 3. Next, you can add effects, filters, a caption, or your location.

Step 4. Return to the editing step and click the back arrow in the top left.

Step 5. Click the Save Draft in the pop-up to save your edits.

Similarly, you can save a draft of your reel or story on Instagram.

To save a draft of a reel video on Instagram, just go to Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera, then record or upload a video, then edit it as you like, and click the arrow button at the bottom right corner to open the Share page. Then hit Save as Draft.

The drafts of your Instagram reel videos will be saved until you share or delete them. You can save drafts without limits.

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How to save an Instagram story as a draft? Just open Instagram Stories and do a normal story. When you want to save it, press X in the top left corner, and tap Save Draft.

Instagram story drafts will be saved for 7 days and then disappear permanently.  

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How to Find & Delete Drafts on Instagram

It’s easy and quick to create Instagram drafts of your post, reel, or story. With Instagram’s drafts feature, you can prepare photos and videos you want to share in advance and save them as drafts.

After that, you don’t know where to find drafts on Instagram to share them again. Where are drafts on Instagram? How to find drafts on Instagram? How to find reel drafts on Instagram? Just continue reading.

How to Find Draft Posts on Instagram

To access the post you’ve saved as a draft, just tap the plus icon at the top, then click Post, and you’ll see the Drafts menu.

Tap on Drafts and you can see all draft posts. You can choose one to share or edit.

To delete a draft, select Manage after clicking Drafts, hit the Edit icon to choose a draft, then click the checkmark and select Discard.

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How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

Where to find reel drafts on Instagram? Just open the Instagram app, then tap the profile icon at the bottom, and then tap the reels icon on your profile screen.

Next, tap on Drafts to open the Reels drafts screen, and you’ll see the reels that you saved as a draft. You can click a draft and then tap Share to share this draft reel.

To delete a reel draft, click the Select in the Reels drafts page, then choose a draft, and click Discard.

How to Find Draft Stories on Instagram

To bring back your draft story, click the Your Story at the top left corner, then press the button in the bottom left corner, and you’ll see all story drafts.

Then you open any draft to post it. To delete it, press the X from the top left and select Delete Draft.

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Now, you’ve learned how to save a draft of your post, reel, and story on Instagram. This post also tells you how to find your drafts on Instagram and how to delete them. I hope this article is helpful to you.

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