Do you know to convert WMV to MP4? Do you know how to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac to play it? Now, try the best free video converter, MiniTool MovieMaker, to easily convert WMV to MP4 or convert MP4 to WMV.

Short for Windows Media Video, WMV is a compressed video file format developed by Microsoft. WMV file works well on Windows and even Mac with the help of Windows Media Player. However, some users have noticed that the WMV file is not very friendly with other operating systems. How to solve this problem?

The most simple and direct method is to convert WMV to MP4 which is a most widely used or highly compatible format. How do I convert a WMV file to MP4? Today, this post will introduce 3 ways to convert WMV to MP4 or MP4 to WMV.

Part 1. MiniTool Movie Maker – Best Free Video Converter for Windows

If you want to change video format without any difficulty and convert unlimited videos, you can try MiniTool Movie Maker, a free and simple video editing software.

Developed by MiniTool® Software Ltd., MiniTool Movie Maker allows conversion between popular file formats like MP4 to MP3, AVI to MP4, MOV to MP4, and others. And, there is no watermark on the converted files.

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Also, the best WMV to MP4 converter allows you to edit your video before converting. Below enlisted are the steps on how to convert WMV to MP4 or convert MP4 to WMV without any quality loss.

How to Convert WMV to MP4

Step 1. Launch the free video converter.

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MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Then, install the best free video converter on PC to convert WMV to MP4 or convert MP4 to WMV without any quality loss. This software can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 computer. You won’t face any ads or bundle software during the installation process. After installing, you can click the desktop icon of the MiniTool software to launch it.

Please close the Movie Templates window or click Full-Feature Mode to enter the main interface of this free video converter. If you want to create movie easily, you can choose a template, import your files and then share your movie with others.

the main interface of MiniTool Movie Maker

Step 2. Add WMV files.

In the main interface of this free WMV to MP4 converter, you can click the Import Media Files button to import your WMV files. You can import files of any length, dimension, and size. Also, you can add multiple video files such as WMV, AVI, GIF, MP4, and others, then combine videos into one.

After importing file, you can drag and drop the file (files) to the timeline.

import files, drag and drop files to timeline

Step 3. Edit the file (files) – optional

You can edit the files you’ve uploaded to the free video converter as you like.

  • Double click the video file on the timeline to change its brightness, contrast, and saturation, and rotate video if necessary.
  • Add animated titles, subtitles and end credits to complete your story.
  • Add visual effects to video to make a better movie.
  • Add video transitions (Advanced Mosaic, Burn, Burst, Clock, etc.) between two shots or clips to make a mind-blowing video experience.
  • Fade in and fade out music to smooth the video, music and audio transitions.
  • Split video or trim video to remove some unwanted parts from your original videos.

Step 4. Convert WMV to MP4.

Click the Export button in the toolbar to get the following window.

convert WMV to MP4 with MiniTool Movie Maker

MP4 file format is selected by default, and you need to keep it since you are going to convert WMV to MP4. If you want to convert video to other formats, like convert MP4 to MOV, you need to choose MOV file format.

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Also, you can change the name for the newly converted file, specify a place to store the file and change video resolution if you like.  

After specifying all settings, you can click the Export button. Then, MiniTool Movie Maker begins to convert WMV to MP4 for free. After converting, you can click the Find Target to check your new converted file.

MiniTool video converter also can convert MP4 to WMV without any quality loss.

How to Convert MP4 to WMV with the Best Free Video Converter

  • Launch MiniTool Movie Maker, and import your MP4 files.
  • Drag and drop MP4 file to the timeline, edit your video as you like and click the Export
  • Select WMV file, choose video resolution and click the Export Then, this free video converter begins to convert MP4 to WMV.

Convert MP4 to WMV

As you can see, MiniTool Movie Maker is a pretty simple and straightforward video converter and video editing software without watermark.

Many users reported that this tool has another great advantage – flexibility. MiniTool Movie Maker can help you convert video into other common video formats, including convert video to MP3.

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  • Supports lots of video formats conversion
  • High conversion speed
  • No size limits
  • No limitations on conversions and downloads
  • No register accounts needed
  • No quality loss
  • Allow editing video before converting
  • Transfer to devices – directly convert videos to presets for mobile device models
  • A free and no ads video converter as well as MP4 editor

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MiniTool Movie Maker can help you convert video file formats with ease. However, some users want to change video format without installing any software.

Is it possible to convert WMV to MP4 online?

Of course, the answer is affirmative.

Part 2. How to Convert WMV to MP4 Online

Some online converters like Online-Convert can change the format of video without installing any software.

  • Visit the official website of Online-Convert, select the Convert to MP4 option in the Video Converter, and click Go.
  • Click Choose File to import the WMV file you want to change its format, and then click Start conversion to convert WMV to MP4.

convert WMV to MP4 online

Online-Convert covers the basics information for converting files but it doesn’t offer a lot of options for the conversion. And, this WMV to MP4 online converter doesn’t display any metadata about the source file that you upload. If you don’t know some details about your source file, it is a little difficult to choose the right settings.


Convert WMV to MP4 online.


  • Premium membership required for some tasks.
  • Can be a little slow with larger files.
  • Too many ads.

In a word, if you just want to change video format without worrying about the details, you can try Online-Convert.

Part 3. How to Convert WMV to MP4 with VLC  

WMV (Windows Media Video) file is the flagship file format of Windows OS. Mac users will find that neither QuickTime player nor iTunes can recognize WMV files, and they cannot edit WMV in iMovie. WMV file is not compatible with Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

If you try playing a WMV file in QuickTime Player, you will get some error messages, such as, “The document (filename) .wmv could not be opened”. Now, how to solve this issue?

Converting WMV to MP4 might be the easiest way to play WMV videos on macOS. But, how to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac? VLC video converter is recommended here.

How to Convert WMV to MP4 with VLC on macOS

Step 1. Launch VLC video converter to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac.

Step 2. Click on the File menu and select the Streaming/Exporting Wizard option.

Step 3. Click on Transcode/Save to File, and then click on the Choose button to select the WMV file you like to convert.

Step 4. Select the compression format of the audio or video tracks. Here, for instance, you can select the H.264 codec, with the 1024 kb/s. option.

Step 5. Choose MPEG 4/MP4 option in the Encapsulation format option.

Step 6. Click the Choose button, and select the Save As option. Click Choose to select a destination folder for the target file and add a name to the file. Click on Finish button. Now, VLC free converter begins to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac.  


Support Mac and Windows.


Editing metadata isn’t as straightforward as in some other players

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Part 4. Extended Knowledge for WMV and MP4 Format

What Is WMV?

WMV, short for Windows Media video, is a compression video format. Developed by Microsoft, WMV file supports multiple video codecs for streaming of video on the Internet.


  • WMV file can maintain the highest levels of quality.
  • WMV is a good choice for files that will potentially benefit from DRM.
  • WMV file is smaller than the size of MP4.


  • WMV is not suitable for some of the more common video applications today.
  • WMV file is developed by Microsoft, and you cannot play it on Mac. To play WMV files on Mac, you will need to either convert them to a Mac supported format (MP4, MOV) or download a media player that supports WMV file.

What Is MP4?

The MP4, MPEG-4 Part 14, file format contains video, audio, and subtitles. MP4 video file provides high compression levels and relatively low quality loss. Thus, it is widely used by many different operating systems and devices.


  • MP4 file format is fairly universal and standard.
  • MP4 file is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems.
  • MP4 file can be compressed.


  • MP4 file size is generally fairly large.
  • MP4 file is a lossy file format since the process of encapsulation in MP4 does discard unnecessary data.

How to Play WMV File on Mac?

All Window computers can play WMV files because they have a built-in media player (Windows Media Player). If you want to play WMV files on Mac, you need to convert WMV to MP4. More details can be found in How to Convert WMV to MP4 with VLC.

How to Send a WMV File with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is widely used to exchange text messages, pics and videos with your mates in a safe way. But, this app only supports MP4 (H264 + AAC) video. Therefore, if you want to send a WMV file, you need to convert it to MP4 with the best free video converter before sending.

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Bottom Line

Now, it’s your time to convert WMV to MP4 if you can’t play WMV file or want to convert it to a more universal format like MP4

Which free video converter would you like to choose? Please let us know.

In my opinion, MiniTool Movie Maker is a good option because it can easily convert WMV to MP4 or MP4 to WMV for free, and there is no watermark on the converted file.

If you have any other good WMV to MP4 converters, please share them with us. Thanks in advance.

Should you have any question, please contact us via [email protected].

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Convert WMV to MP4 FAQ

Can you convert WMV to MP4?
  1. Launch MiniTool Movie Maker.
  2. Import WMV files to this free video file converter.
  3. Drag and drop this WMV file to timeline.
  4. Click Export button to save it as MP4 in your PC.
How do I convert WMV to mp4 on Mac?
  1. Launch VLC video converter.
  2. Click on the File menu.
  3. Select the Streaming/Exporting Wizard option.
  4. Click on Transcode/Save to File.
  5. Click on the Choose button to select the WMV file.
  6. Select the compression format of the audio or video tracks.
  7. Choose MPEG 4/MP4 option.
  8. Save the MP4 file on Mac.
How do I open a WMV file with Windows Media Player?
Windows Media Player cannot play WAV files. If you want to open a WAV file with Windows Media Player, you need to convert WAV file to another file format like MP4.
How do I convert video files to MP4?
  1. Open MiniTool Movie Maker.
  2. Import your video files, drag and drop these files into the timeline.
  3. Click Export button to save the movie as MP4.
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