Add or delete empty tracks in MiniTool MovieMaker.

Videos, photos/pictures/images/graphics, transitions, effects, the video part of titles/credits, effects, and motions are placed on the video track; music, songs, sounds, etc. audio files are held by the audio track. Besides the default video and audio track on the timeline, MiniTool MovieMaker allows you to add additional 9 tracks that can be used to hold texts and elements. So, you can get a maximum of 11 tracks in MiniTool MovieMaker.

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Add an Empty Track

Click the Manage tracks icon on the upper left of the timeline and select Add Empty Track. If you want to add a new track to hold the text that you are going to add. Just directly add a text and it will automatically create a new track to hold the text.

add/delete empty track

Delete an Empty Track

To remove the track that doesn’t hold any item, just select Delete Empty Track after clicking the Manage tracks icon. You can’t delete a track that holds any item. If you want to delete that track, you have to first remove all items on it.

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