Premiere Pro is a professional video editor and it is compatible with Windows and macOS. Can Premiere Pro do noise reduction? Of course! After reading this MiniTool MovieMaker post, you will know how to make noise reduction in Premiere Pro.

What Is Noise Reduction? Noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal and noise reduction techniques exist for audio, images, and videos. It is a process and technique used to correct and remove the grain in video post-production. Noise can occur when you shoot video in low light. How to effectively reduce noise? You can use a profession video editor. What video editor can reduce noise? The Premiere Pro is a good choice. How to use Premiere Pro noise reduction feature? Just keep reading!

How to Make Noise Reduction in Premiere Pro

This part offers step-by-step guidance on how to use Premiere Pro noise reduction.

Step 1. Upload Your Video

You need to download and install Premiere Pro on your computer first. Then click File, select Import to upload a video with noise, and then drag it to the timeline.

Step 2. Add Median Effect

Go to Effects, move to Video Effects, choose Noise & Grain, and click on the Median option. Or you can go to Effects and enter Median in the search box to find it. Then you can drag the Median effect to your video with noise. This effect is not applied to the noisy video immediately and you need to adjust the settings in the Effects Control panel.

Step 3. Adjust Median Settings

Adjust the Radius parameter under the Median. You drag increase the values to 2 and increase the number if the video becomes clear. But you should pay attention to not increase the Radius too much which would cause the video to be blurry.

Step 4. Add Masks

The role of the Median effect is to hide all the grain and noise from the image by blurring it. But because it can’t distinguish between video noise and details in your footage, the video will be blurry. To avoid this, you can use a mask. In the Effects Control panel, choose a mask shape to create a mask for your video.

Step 5. Export Your Video Without Noise or Grain

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3 Noise Reduction Plugins for Premiere Pro

In addition to using its built-in feature to reduce noise, you can also use other professional third-party plugins for Premiere Pro. This part offers 3 useful plugins for you. Now, let’s check them one by one.

Neat Video

Neat Video is a good video editing plugin developed to reduce noise, flicker, and other imperfections and it is available for many professional video editing software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

It can help you clean up noisy video clips and you can use this highly automated and user-friendly plugin to improve video quality while preserving the detail and clarity of the original footage. Neat Video will be displayed in the Video Effects panel after you install it in Premiere Pro.

Boris FX

Boris FX Continuum is a good choice that can meet your needs for content creation. Its plugin package offers many effects, transitions, and presets. Also, it has a noise reduction feature.

Magic Bullet Denoiser

Magic Bullet Denoiser is a professional plugin that offers many presets for common adjustment settings that strike a balance between the strength of the noise reduction and the sharpness of the image. What’s more, its Motion Estimation tool can improve denoising accelerated or slow-motion footage.

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Bonus Tips

If you are using Premiere Pro to edit videos for the first time, you will find that it is a paid software and is not suitable for beginners. It will take you a while to learn how to use it before you can get good at it. For beginners, MiniTool MovieMaker is a better choice. It is a free video editor for Windows with a large number of audio and video editing features to meet most of your editing needs.

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Bottom Line

How to use Premiere Pro for noise reduction? You can use the Median effects with masks or third-party plugins to reduce grain or noise in the video. You can refer to the above detailed steps to do noise reduction in Premiere Pro.

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