In this post from MiniTool movie maker, we’ll explore how to send high quality videos and photos on WhatsApp and how to fix blurry photos on this app.

In September 2023, WhatsApp released the HD photo-sharing feature that allows users to send high-resolution photos and videos. Now, let’s see how to send high quality videos on WhatsApp.

How to Send High Quality Videos on WhatsApp

Generally speaking, there are two methods to share high quality videos and photos on WhatsApp. You can directly send the media through a chat or share it as a document.

Option 1: Use WhatsApp’s HD Photos Sharing Feature

Step 1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Step 2. Open the WhatsApp on your device, go to the Chats tab and choose the friend or group you want to share HD media.

Step 3. Do one of the following:

iPhone: Click on the + icon in the bottom left corner on iPhone, select Photo & Video Library, and upload your video or image.

Android: Tap the paperclip button, choose Gallery, and select the target video or picture.

Step 4. On the preview screen, tap the HD icon on the top, select the HD quality option, and click Done.

Step 5. Hit the Send button to send the video/photo in high quality.

On WhatsApp, HD quality is opt-in only. If you need to send clearer videos/photos, you should select this setting every time you send. Additionally, it is recommended that you use Wi-Fi to send HD media.

Option 2: Send the Video/Photo as a Document

On iPhone:

1. Open the Photos app and open the video or image you’d like to send.

2. Tap the Share button in the bottom left and choose the Save to Files option.

3. Choose the destination folder, give it a name, and click Save.

4. Go to a chat on WhatsApp. Tap the + icon and choose Document to browse for your file.

5. Open the file and tap the Send button.

On Android:

1. Open a WhatsApp chat and click on the paperclip icon.

2. Choose Document from the menu and click Browse other docs to locate your image.

3. Select an image and click the Select in the upper right corner. Then, send the HD photo.

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Why Does Picture Go Blurry on WhatsApp

Sometimes, photos on WhatsApp can look blurry. Generally, this is because your internet connection is slow or weak when uploading. To avoid blurring issues due to internet connection, here are 3 tips for you.

#1. Restarting your phone can resolve general in-app and connection issues. When you experience a poor internet connection, restart your phone and force it to reconnect to the network.

#2. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try connecting to mobile data; conversely, if you’re using mobile data, try connecting to Wi-Fi.

#3. Make sure that your WhatsApp app is up to date. You can go to the app store on your device to check for updates.

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How to Upload High Quality Videos and Photos on WhatsApp

Currently, the HD photo-sharing feature is not available on WhatsApp Status, but there’s a workaround to help upload HD videos or images on WhatsApp Status. Before creating a video or photo status, follow the steps below to change the media upload quality.

Step 1. On the WhatsApp app, click the three dots and choose Settings on Android, or click Settings on iPhone.

Step 2. Click the Storage and Data option and then select the Photo upload quality or Media upload quality.

Step 3. Then, you’ll see 3 options: Auto (recommended), Best quality, and Sata Saver.

Step 4. For the best media quality, select the Best quality option and click OK.

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Now, you can follow the steps above to share videos and images in high quality on WhatsApp or send HD video or photo status. Also, hopefully, this post can help avoid video/photo blurry problems on WhatsApp.

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