In this post by MiniTool MovieMaker, we'd like to share some original Instagram Story ideas for photos with you to help you manage and expand your Instagram account so you can wow your followers and entice them to follow you again.

Instagram Stories gives people a new way to use this social media platform. Instagram Stories is helping people and businesses post more off-the-cuff and behind-the-scenes material by removing the barriers of well-curated feeds.

The following original Instagram Story ideas for photos are available for your consideration if you want to make your Instagram Stories stand out.

1. Use Rainbow or Gradient Letters

The use of rainbow or gradient letters is one of the creative Instagram Story ideas for photos. Here’s how to make your captions stand out:

Step 1: Enter your word or phrase.

Step 2: Select all of the text.

Step 3: Press and hold your cursor on the letters and the color selection tool from the far right at the same time.

Step 4: Swipe two fingers simultaneously to see how each letter changes with the different color gradients.

Step 5: Release two fingers to rearrange the rainbow letters to the desired position on the screen.

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2. Change the Background Color

Sometimes, you would like to let your followers know that you have updated something to your grid by sharing a post to your Instagram Stories. But the default background color may not be what you want. How to change it is shown below.

Step 1: Choose the photos from your grid that you want to share on your Instagram Stories.

Step 2: Click the sharing options and share your Stories.

Step 3: Click the drawing tool.

Step 4: Use the color selection tool and drag to the preferred color for your background.

Step 5: Press and hold on anywhere on the screen. Your background color will be changed to a new one.

3. Use the Eraser Tool

One of the most creative Instagram Story ideas for photos is using the eraser tool to help users highlight the key components of the Instagram Story. Here’s how to use the eraser tool:

Step 1: Choose a picture that you wish to partially highlight.

Step 2: Choose a color with the drawing tool.

Step 3: Press and hold on the screen to cover the picture.

Step 4: Use the eraser tool instead.

Step 5: Move and erase part of the picture to reveal it.

Step 6: Add a caption if needed.

4. Combine Handwriting with Different Fonts

To showcase the uniqueness of the photos in your Instagram Story, it's best to write section headings in your handwriting and combine it with a similar font for the rest of the text. You can write the word or phrase out with your finger and the drawing tool. Then, you can apply the font and adjust the location as you type the rest of the word or phrase.

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5. Decorate with Dotted Lines

When you use dotted lines to embellish a subject or object in your photos, it will give your followers a quick idea of what you're sharing. Here’s how to create them by using the drawing and the eraser tools.

  • Draw the solid lines on the screen to circle a subject or object.
  • Use the eraser tool to partially erase the line to generate the dotted lines.
  • Add additional text to fit the Instagram Story.

6. Put Several Photos into a Collage

In the list of Instagram Story ideas for multiple photos, this feature can generate a scrapbook-style Instagram Story or make a collage to share several pictures simultaneously by using these steps:

Step 1: Create your preferred background first.

Step 2: Go to our album and hit to copy the picture you want to apply.

Step 3: Go back to Instagram Stories and post the picture as a sticker.

Step 4: Continue the copy-and-paste operation to add all of the pictures you want.

Step 5: Rearrange pictures to get the desired layout.

Step 6: Add a caption to fill your Instagram Story.

7. Post Styled Photography

Even if your Instagram Stories can share unstyled photos, we still appreciate great photos. If you use some of the same photos you took for your Instagram feed as a full-screen narrative image, it will be popular with your fans.


With the above Instagram story ideas for photos for your information, you can choose from a few to create your style of Instagram Stories. Once you give it a try, you will see that those can help you spice up your Instagram Stories.

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