Most social platforms have video length requirements. If your video is too short and doesn’t meet some platforms’ minimum video length limit, then your video will not be allowed to be uploaded. To help you upload your video successfully, here are 5 methods on how to make a video longer.

There are many reasons why you need to make a short video longer.

  1. The audio duration is longer than the video.
  2. The platform that you want to post videos requires your video to be at least xxx seconds or minutes.
  3. Make a video longer to increase your watch time on YouTube.
  4. A longer video helps drive more conversions.
  5. ……

How to make a video longer? Here recommend MiniTool MovieMaker. It’s a great video editor with a rich set of editing features. The editing features include split, trim, rotate, flip, reverse, speed up, slow down, zoom in, zoom out, and more. It offers a variety of filters, animated text templates, intro/outro templates, transitions, and serval movie templates that you can use to quickly make a video.

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In the following parts, you will learn the 5 best methods to make a short video longer with MiniTool MovieMaker.

  1. Add an intro and outro
  2. Add more video clips and images
  3. Slow down the video
  4. Loop the video
  5. Turn the video into a Boomerang

1. Add an Intro and Outro

Adding an intro and outro to your video is one of the best ways to make a video longer. What is an intro? What is an outro? An intro is the opening part of a video that tells viewers what the video is about. The ideal length of an intro should be between 3 seconds to 7 seconds. An outro is the closing section of a video that includes call to action, some credits, etc. The recommended video outro length is 8-10 seconds.

Using an intro and outro for your video not only extends the length of the video but also makes the video look more professional.

MiniTool MovieMaker has over 20 ready-made intro and outro templates. You can customize them by changing the text, font color, type, size, and location of the text.

Step 1. Open MiniTool MovieMaker after you install it on your computer. Close the popup window to access the user interface.

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Step 2. Click Import Media Files and select the video you want to add intro and outro. Click Open to import the video. Then drag and drop it to the timeline.

Step 3. Tap on Text and go to Titles, and you will see all the intro templates in MiniTool MovieMaker. Hover your mouse on the desired template to preview it and then click the + icon to add it to the timeline. In the Text Editor, you can enter the video title and change the text properties.

add intro to video

Step 4. To add an outro to the video, switch to Credits and use the drag-and-drop to add the wanted template to the end of the video. Then enter text in the box.

add credits to video

Step 5. When you are done, click Export to adjust the output settings and output the video.

How to create an intro for your video? This post introduces some intro makers to help you make an amazing intro: How to Make an Intro

2. Add More Video Clips and Images

It’s a good idea to add photos, video clips, and meme GIFs to increase the length of a video. MiniTool MovieMaker supports importing images in BMP, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, and videos in the most popular formats.

Here’s how to add more images/videos/GIFs to enrich the video content and make it longer.

Step 1. Download the needed photos and video clips from a copyright-free stock footage website. Or use your own photos and videos.

Step 2. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker and import the video needed to be extended and the needed media files.

Step 3. Choose the first clip, hold down the Shift key, and select the last clip to select all the imported files. Drag and drop them to the timeline.

Step 4. Rearrange the order of photos and video clips on the timeline.

change the order of these clips

Step 5. Then you can add some transitions and motion effects to clips.

Add transition: Click on Transition and find the transition you want to use. Drag and drop it between two clips. If you want to apply the same transition to other clips, go to the Transition Property, change the transition duration (To make the video longer, drag the slider to the right) and transition mode, and click Apply to all.

Add motion effect (Ken Burns effect): Click on Motion and choose the desired motion effect. Drag and drop it on the target clip.

Step 6. Click the Export button above the Player window. In the Export window, edit the file name, change the output format, adjust the video resolution, and choose a new save folder as you like.

Step 7. In the end, click the Export button to export the video to the computer.

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Top 15 Websites to Download Free Stock Footage with No Watermark

Where can I get free stock footage with no watermark? In this post, you will find 15 best free stock video websites and know how to make a video with footage.

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3. Slow Down the Video

Decreasing a part or parts of a video is the quickest method to extend the duration of a video. MiniTool MovieMaker lets you reduce the speed of a video from 0.01X to 0.5X and increase the speed of a video from 2X to 50X.

Here’s how to make a short video longer by reducing its speed.

Step 1. Import the video that you want to slow down to MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 2. Add the video to the timeline with the drag and drop.

Step 3. In the right panel, click Speed. Then move the Speed slider to the left to make the video slower. Or choose the speed controller and select Slow. Then choose the wanted speed option.

If you want to slow down a certain part of the video, split the video, choose the desired part and slow it down.

change the speed of a video

Step 4. Click the Play button or press the Space key to preview the video. If you are happy with the result, export this video and save it to your computer.

4. Loop the Video

You can turn a video shorter than 3 seconds into a 6-second video by copying or looping it. Here are two video loopers for you.

MiniTool MovieMaker

Step 1. After putting the video in the timeline, you will see a checkmark on the imported video thumbnail. Click it to duplicate the imported video.

duplicate video

Step 2. If you don’t want to loop the whole video, move the playhead to where you want to split, click the scissor icon on the playhead to cut the duplicated video. Then delete the unwanted parts.

Step 3. Export the video.


Step 1. Go to the Kapwing website and create an account.

Step 2. Click on Tools to access the toolbox. Type “loop video” in the search bar and open the Loop Video tool.

Step 3. Click Upload to upload the video from your computer or paste the video link.

Step 4. After uploading the video, you will find 6 loop options in the left panel. Choose the number of times to loop the video and click the CREATE button.

loop video online

Step 5. It will take a few seconds to finish the process. Once done, click the Download button to save the looped video.

5. Turn the Video into a Boomerang

A Boomerang video plays forward and back forward. Turning a short video into a Boomerang also can help you extend the video length. Next, I will show you how to turn an existing video into a Boomerang video.

Create a Boomerang using an existing video with MiniTool MovieMaker

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Step 1. Open MiniTool MovieMaker, import the video, and add it to the timeline.

Step 2. Add the imported video to the timeline again using drag and drop.

Step 3. Choose the second clip to show the Video Property palette. Switch to the Speed tab and check the Reverse speed box. Or click speed controller icon and choose the Reverse option.

reverse video

Step 4. After that, make the videos start from the beginning. If it’s OK, save this Boomerang video to your PC.

Create a Boomerang using an existing video with Clideo

Clideo is a Boomerang video editor that enables you to create a Boomerang out of an existing video.

Step 1. Visit the Clideo website and click All tools.

Step 2. Find and choose the Stop Motion tool.

Step 3. Upload the video from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Step 4. Choose the Fast option under Speed and select 0.2s under Clip rate. Then check the option Append reversed video. Click Export.

adjust the speed settings

Step 5. When the process is complete, download this video to your computer. If you are not signing in to Clideo, your output video will be watermarked. To remove the watermark from the video, you need to sign in via Google, Facebook, or Apple.

How to make a short video longer for Instagram Story

Instagram has a feature called Boomerang. With it, you can create a Boomerang video in minutes.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Open the Instagram app.

Step 2. Click your profile picture with a plus icon in the upper left of your screen.

Step 3. Swipe left to find the Boomerang option.

Step 4. Long press the Record button to create a Boomerang.

Step 5. Once done, save it.

Further Reading: How to Make a Video Longer on Phone

This part will teach you how to make a video longer on iPhone and Android.

How to Make a Video Longer on iPhone

iMovie is the iPhone’s native video editor. It supports slowing down video, reversing video, merging video, duplicating video, etc.

Here’s how to slow down a video to make it longer on iPhone.

  1. Open iMovie and create a new project.
  2. Import the video from Moments, Video, Photos, or Albums.
  3. Tap on the speed controller icon next to the scissor icon and drag the speed slider to the left (towards the turtle icon) to slow down the video.
  4. Export the video to your iPhone, or share it to Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

How to Make a Video Longer on Android

InShot is a great app to extend video length. It comes with both basic and advanced editing features that you can use to change the duration of a video such as reverse, slow down, speed up, and more.

Here’s how to use InShot to make a video longer.

  1. Download and install the InShot app.
  2. Open InShot and click Video to choose the video. Import this video by tapping the checkmark.
  3. Then select the clip and find the Speed option. Click the Speed option and select the desired speed.
  4. Save the changes and export the video.


To make a video longer, you can make the video loop, slower, add an intro and outro, enrich the video content, and turn the video into a Boomerang. If you have other suggestions, please share them with us by leaving a comment or contacting us via [email protected].

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