GIFs are so interesting that are widely used as memes to replace the dry words when chatting on the social media platform. It must be much funnier when you make a GIF on your own using your own or cats’ photos. For iPhone users, below are two methods to help you make a GIF on iPhone.

iPhone users are more likely to make high quality GIFs, which is a bonus iPhone offers. Likewise, live photos – the function of iOS would make it easier to create an animated GIF. If you want to combine multiple GIFs into one, MiniTool MovieMaker is the ultimate solution.

How to Make a GIF on iPhone – Photos

Due to the functions of live photos on iPhone, you can directly apply the GIF effects to your live photos. This is a simple way for iPhone users to make a GIF, without installing other apps on your iPhone.

Furthermore, your iPad, Mac, and your friends' iPhone can receive this GIF directly through Messages. And you can directly share it to social media from the Photos album. Pitifully, this way is not available for non-Apple devices which would receive still image rather than animated GIF.

Since iPhone itself allow you to turn the live photo into the GIF just through a few simple steps, let’s see the detailed steps on how to make a GIF on iPhone via Photos app.

Step 1. Open the Photos app. In the Media Types, there is the Live Photos option.

Step 2. Tap on the Live Photos option to select the live photo you want to turn.

Step 3. Once you have entered in the particulars, drag it upwards. Then the list of GIF effects will appear.

Step 4. Slide to the left, and choose one effect, Loop or Bounce. Then click the Share icon and share this fantastic GIF with the social network.

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How to Make a GIF on iPhone – Giphy

Because the Photos app has a limit to share that it only supports Apple’s devices to preview, so if you hope your manual GIF has a wider circulation, you need a third-party app to help you make a real GIF. Giphy, the most popular app, is the best choice.

Not only a GIF maker, but Giphy is also a harmonious GIF-sharing community, where you may get inspiration from others’ funny works and also download many free GIFs. As the best GIF maker, it can make a GIF from a video and a live photo. Both Android and iOS can be available.

It provides free service and excellent features with users to make it easier to make an interesting and creative GIF. And its cool interface can also attract you a lot. Besides, it allows you to embellish your image with many animated elements, such as stickers, texts, filters, etc.

With the Giphy app, making a GIF on iPhone will no longer trouble you again. Let’s see how to make a GIF on iPhone via Giphy.

Step 1. Download Giphy from the APP Store. After installing, open it.

Step 2. Click the Create + button to ready to make a GIF from YouTube video, and upload it to Giphy.

Step 3. Add some GIF effects, texts and stickers to make your GIF more attractive.

Step 4. When you have made your wanted GIF, click the purple arrow to convert video to GIF successfully.

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Bottom Line

The above recommendation would make you have the idea of how to make a GIF on iPhone. If you are hurried to make a GIF to share in social media, the built-in Photos app is the best choice for iPhone users. While, if you want to make a creative and impressive GIF, the third-party app - Giphy can meet your needs.

If you have any questions or suggestions about it, please let us know via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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