Just like on Instagram, users can also add a link to their TikTok Bio. How do you add a link to your TikTok Bio? This post will explain how to add a link to TikTok Bio and introduce some TikTok Bio ideas.

Link in Bio refers to the clickable link you can add to your profile section. Many social media platforms offer you this option, including TikTok. Currently, TikTok is one of the most popular short-video sharing platforms and it has achieved 700 million users in 2020.  

For TikTok creators, they can add a link to their Bio to take followers to their website, another social media profile, a product page, an online shop, and more. How to add a link to your TikTok Bio? This post offers clear steps. (Try MiniTool MovieMaker to edit a video for free before uploading to TikTok on PC.)

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Before learning about how to put a link in TikTok Bio, let’s know the requirements for adding a link to TikTok Bio.

Can everyone add a link to TikTok Bio? Why did some users say that they can’t add a link to the TikTok Bio?

TikTok Link in Bio Eligibility Requirements: 

After January 2020 22, only Business Accounts that meet any of the two eligibility requirements below can add a website link to their profile page

  • A Business account that has 1000+ followers
  • A Business account who completed the Business Registration process (currently available in the United States United Kingdom, Russia, Indonesia, and Canada)

That means you cannot add a link to your TikTok Bio without a business account. But Business accounts using the link in Bio feature before the effective date of January 22 2022 can continue using this feature with no changes.

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Here’s how to add a link to TikTok Bio with a Business account.

Step 1. Switch to a Business account

Open the TikTok app on your Android or iPhone, then tap the profile picture icon in the bottom menu bar. Then click the three dots icon or three lines icon, click Manage account and select Switch to Business Account.

Tap the Business > Next, then choose a category, and click the Next. Then your account will change to a business account.

Step 2. Add your link to TikTok Bio

Click your profile picture to navigate to your TikTok profile, then click the Edit Profile. Next, go to the Website, and type your website address, and click Save.

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Best TikTok Bio Ideas

Your Bio on TikTok is an important factor to grab people’s attention and have more followers. In this part, we’ll share some of the best TikTok Bio ideas to help you get more attention.

  1. Funny TikTok Bios
  2. TikTok Bios with emoji
  3. Inspirational TikTok Bio ideas
  4. Using famous quotes
  5. Fitness Bio for TikTok
  6. Travel Bio for TikTok
  7. Business Bio for TikTok

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It’s easy to add a link to your TikTok Bio with a business account. Just follow the steps to put a link to your TikTok Bio.

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