The 3D effect is one of the latest trends on TikTok. How to make the 3D photo trend on TikTok? In fact, this can be achieved by the CapCut 3D zoom effect. And this post will show you how to do the 3D effect on CapCut with clear steps.

What Is CapCut 3D Zoom?

Recently, the 3D photo trend has gone viral on TikTok? But what is the 3D effect? In fact, it refers to the CapCut 3D effect, also called the CapCut 3D Zoom effect. This effect is used for the images you uploaded, and it will make your images looks 3D.

After applying the 3D Zoom effect, your photo looks like it’s zooming and moving. Just give motion to the still images. The CapCut 3D effect sounds like the Ken Burns effect in the film and video production. You can try MiniTool MovieMaker to add this effect for images and videos.

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If you want to follow the 3D photo trend from TikTok, just try the CapCut app (the best free video editor for TikTok) to add the 3D photo effect to your images and make a 3D video.

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How to Do the 3D Effect on CapCut?

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do CapCut 3D zoom.

Step 1. Download and install CapCut on your smartphone, then open this app, and tap the New Project to open the gallery on your device.

Step 2. Choose photos as you like (most people upload 11 photos to use the CapCut 3D zoom effect.), and click the Add to import them.

Step 3. In the editor, trim these photos. If you add 11 photos, trim the first four pictures down to 0.5 seconds each, and trim the rest of the seven photos down to 0.3 seconds each.

To trim a photo, just click it, and then drag the end edge of the photo towards the left. Repeat this step to trim all of your photos.

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Step 4. Then you can apply the CapCut 3D zoom effect. Click each photo, scroll over the bottom bar, click the Style, find and tap the 3D Zoom. When the process is done, preview your photo. Click the checkmark to apply this effect.

Repeat this step to add the CapCut 3D effect for all of your photos.


Before adding the CapCut 3D effect for each photo, you can also apply the desired filter for the picture.

Step 5. To add your music, click the Audio button and then import your audio file. Then click the Export button at the top right corner and this video will be saved to your device’s gallery. You can click the Share to TikTok to directly upload this 3D photo trend on TikTok.

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Alternatively, you can add music to this video when you post it on TikTok. TikTok has a huge music library where you can find the right sound for this trend.

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That’s all about the CapCut 3D zoom effect and how to do the 3D effect on CapCut. Just follow the above steps and add the 3D photo trend to your images to make a 3D effect video on CapCut, and then post it on TikTok.

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