Sometimes, you may want to blur the background of your photo or something else on your picture to highlight the subject in focus or to protect other people’s privacy. Many Android and iOS apps can help you blur images, and thus we’ve compiled a list of 5 blur photo apps.

If you’re stilling looking for apps to blur the background of your images, you’ve come to the right place. This post will introduce the 5 best blur photo apps to you.

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#1. Auto blur background

Auto blur background is a free and easy-to-use photo background blur app with amazing blur background effects on your Android. It can automatically recognize the focus area and apply a blur effect to the background.

And this blurred background photo editor app is equipped with a blur strength adjustment slider to control the image blur intensity and a focus tool with options to draw and erase the selected background.

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#2. DSLR Camera Blur Effects

DSLR Camera Blur Effects is also one of the best blur photo apps for Android, allowing you to select an image from the gallery or capture a new one from the camera and applying blur background effects. It provides several blur tools, including Circular Blur, Line Blur, Touch to Focus, Touch to Blur. 

Also, this photo background blur app has different blur styles like Motion Blur, Gaussian Blur, Line Blur, Box Blur, and Pixel Blur. With this app, you can easily blur the picture background or the unwanted part of your photo.

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#3. Blur photo background - Auto editor

It’s another app to blur out parts of pictures on Android, and this photo background blur app has a simple and user-friendly interface. With artificial intelligence, this app will automatically blur it blur in few seconds after your photo is uploaded successfully. And this app can make blurred portrait-mode photos. Also, you’re allowed to adjust blur levels to get the necessary portrait mode blur effect.

Besides, this app lets you control blur levels for precise editing. And it has a crop tool to crop photos.  

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#4. Blur Photo Effect Background 

Blur Photo Effect Background is one of the best blur photo apps for your iOS device. It offers a blur brush to help you blur unwanted details, and you’re allowed to adjust the strength and intensity of the brushes. Also, the blur photos app supports focus blur.

In addition to the blurring picture function, this app also has some basic image editing features like applying filer effects, removing blemishes, rotating images, etc.

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#5. Blur Photo Editor

This is also a photo background blur app for iOS. This photo blurring app provides a magnifying glass to precisely select the area of your photo that needs to be blurred. It not only can blur the image background or subjects in the photo but also it can blur the faces in the photo.

And it offers various blur effects and amazing filers. It includes multiple blurring tools like basic blur, mosaic blur, pixelate, point, zoom, motion, crystal, etc.

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With the 5 blur photo apps, you can easily blur your pictures and make them more appealing. Although these apps have powerful blur functions, most of them miss editing capabilities. You can click here to browse for a powerful photo editor.

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