If you are searching for professional apps like VSCO that can work with colors on your photos, you can take a look at this post created by MiniTool MovieMaker to help you find a feature-rich alternative to VSCO.

5 Best Apps Like VSCO

It is not easy to adjust the white balance or perform high-quality skin enhancement. So, VSCO may not able to handle this kind of work for the lack of professional tools.

Many users need to look for a good VSCO alternative for high-quality editing. Currently, there are a large number of primary photo editors with different features on the market, making it difficult for users to make a choice. Therefore, we have listed some good apps similar to VSCO for your reference.

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1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image enhancement and collage creation program from Adobe Inc. The software supports different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Windows Phones. You can easily install it on your Windows tablets and PCs from the Microsoft Store.

With it, you can selectively edit two things at once to create eye-catching effects. Also, you can use its Fused Looks feature to adjust the foreground or background of your photos. Further, Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to add more style to your photo with layouts, borders, and backgrounds.


  • Great social meme tools
  • Extensive editing and retouching features
  • Full-screen mode


  • No drawbacks found

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2. Open Camera

Open Camera is a free software developed by Google that helps you take high-quality photos. It functions similarly to a dedicated camera app, but it has an extra protective layer on top.

Additionally, you can use it to add filters on top of the normal camera view or to take ambient photos without using any additional equipment. It can also be used to find hidden objects in photos.

The method of obtaining the Open Camera app is very simple. Just go to the Google Play Store and install it on your phone. Like most third-party applications, it will require root access.


  • Take a picture remotely by making a noise selection
  • Grid and crop guide for overlay option
  • HDR available


  • For Android only

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3. PicsArt

As one of the best apps like VSCO, PicsArt allows you to customize its look and feel with different themes based on your personal choice. Besides, it includes user-friendly features such as multi-editing, one-click retouching, and live canvas stretching. You can even combine multiple images into one master picture that can be saved on your device or sent directly to someone via email.

The software is compatible with Androids and smartphones. You can install one of them on your device by searching for PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage and PicsArt Photo Studio in the iPhone App Store and Android Market respectively.


  • Adjustable filters
  • Quickly remove objects
  • Active social networks


  • This may result in overzealous photo retouching

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the great photo editor apps for Android and iOS, allowing customers to immediately enhance images from their smartphones and apply different digital filters to them. It was originally created by Nik Software and is now owned by Google.

It enables users to enhance photos with various effects using photos taken with a smartphone camera or otherwise, such as with a tripod or a digital camera on a computer. The application is available for free download from the Google Play Store.

You can choose to edit the pictures and drag them to the proper place on the canvas where you display your photos with Snapseed. And, you have the ability to crop, rotate, and focus the pictures to make them look good.


  • Edit raw images
  • Gesture-based editing
  • Professional-level presets and tools


  • A slight learning process is needed

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5. Camera360

Camera360 is a program launched in 2019 that provides a distinctive combination of two creative programs. It has the ability to turn a user's regular phone into a digital camera that can be connected to a computer.

In addition, the program allows you to upload your photos and videos directly from your phone to your PC. You can even use your phone to control all the functions of your digital camera.

Camera360 also has some effective features such as editing, cropping, and freezing. This program lets users preview captured pictures before storing them. Most importantly, it is available on both iOS and Java platforms.


  • Organizing photos by date
  • Good single HDR effect
  • More than 300 filters


  • There is no tilt-shift effect


These are the best apps like VSCO that you may need to improve your photos. Hopefully, they will meet your requirements. And you can add some related content in the comments below.

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