How to Edit Audio in Video |MiniTool MovieMaker Tutorial [Help]

Add Audio to the Timeline

In the Media Library, after importing photos and videos, drag and drop the audio to timeline or click the “+” to add the file to timeline. Then users can edit audio by splitting, trimming, applying fade-in, fade-out effects, changing its volume, and deleting.

Split Audio

Choose the audio track and drag the playhead to the target place and click the scissor icon.

split audio

Trim Audio

To trim audio, users can move the audio clip’s start point or endpoint to the right or left.

trim audio

Music Property (Fade-in, Fade-out)

Users can apply fade-in, fade-out effects to audio and control its volume.

  • Choose the audio track on the timeline to open its editing window.
  • In the Music Property tab, drag the sliders to change the duration of the fade-in, and fade-out effects. Move the volume slider to left/right to make the audio quiet/louder.

fade in out audio

Delete Audio

Right-click the unnecessary part and hit the Delete key or click the delete icon to remove it.

delete audio

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