This help guide elaborates on how to edit photo clips to create an attractive video.

MiniTool MovieMaker enables you to change the duration, color, and orientation of photos.

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Change Photo Duration

You can change the photo duration directly on the timeline or in Image Property. The default picture duration is 5s, the shortest duration you can set is 0.1s, and the longest available photo duration is 30s.

Edit Photo Duration in Image Property

  1. Click on the target photo on the timeline to select it.
  2. Go to the Basic tab in the Image Property section in the upper right of the software window.
  3. Drag the Duration slider rightwards or leftwards to prolong or shorten the photo clip.
edit photo duration

If you’d like to set all the photos on the timeline of the same duration, just click the Apply to all button.

Change Photo Duration on the Timeline

  1. Click on the target photo to select it.
  2. Put the mouse pointer at the start or end of the image.
  3. When the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow, pull it rightwards or leftwards to shorten or prolong the photo length.
change photo duration

Rotate Photo

You can flip or rotate a photo by any angle.

  1. Click the photo on the timeline to open Image Property.
  2. In the default Basic tab, select the option Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.
  3. Drag the Rotate slider to rotate the photo at a certain angle.
flip or rotate a photo

Change Photo Color

You can adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness of a photo and apply a 3D LUT effect to an image clip.

  1. Click the photo on the timeline to open Image Property.
  2. In the Color tab, drag the sliders to change the contrast, saturation, and brightness of the photo.
  3. To apply a 3D LUT effect, click its drop-down menu to select the desired effect.
photo color correction

MiniTool MovieMaker will automatically save the settings that you have made. If you want to apply those settings to all the photos on the timeline, just click Apply to all. On the contrary, if you want to abandon all the changes, just use the Reset button.

Delete Photo

Delete a Single Photo

There are 3 options for removing a picture from the timeline.

  • Right-click on the target photo and select Delete.
  • Click on the unwanted image and hit Delete on the keyboard.
  • Select the target photo and click the trash icon on the timeline toolbar.
delete a photo from the timeline

Delete Multiple Photos

To remove multiple photos at the same time, firstly you should select them on the timeline. Then click the trash icon on the timeline toolbar or press Delete on your keyboard. Do not use the right-click menu since it will only delete the image you right-clicked on.

Besides, you can also edit video clips or edit audio clips within MiniTool MovieMaker.

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