With transcription software, you can easily make text versions from conversations, speeches, and other audio files. But what is the best free transcription software? This post will introduce 6 transcription software to you. And if you desire to add transcribed text to video, MiniTool MovieMaker is recommended here.

What is transcription software? From Wikipedia, transcription software is an application that helps users transcribe the conversion of human speech into a text transcript, making audio or video files transcribe manually or automatically. What is the best free transcription software? Here’s the answer.

Top 3 Best Transcription Software

1. Express Scribe (free and paid)

Availability: Windows and Mac

Express Scribe, one of the best transcription software, is a professional tool to transcribe recordings. 

Main features:

  • It supports many audio formats like WMA, MP3, and WAV.
  • It offers audio and video playback.
  • It can retrieve recordings automatically.
Note: Express Scribe is available to offer a free version to Windows and Mac, and it also gives users a paid version.

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2. The FTW Transcriber ($1 per month)

Availability: Windows and Android

It’s also considered one of the best transcription software, helping users do transcription quickly and easily.

Main features:

  • It can enhance audio quality.
  • It provides automatic timestamps.
  • It has a balance and speed adjuster.

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3. InqScribe (free and paid)

Availability: Windows and Mac

It’s another best transcription software with an easy-of-use interface, designed for transcribing client footage including video and audio files.

Main features:

  • It offers a variety of import and export options.
  • It’s easy to export and share transcripts.
  • It can play videos and type transcripts in the same window.
Note: InqScribe can be used free with limited features, and it also offers a $99 individual license with more features.

Top 3 Automatic Transcription Software

1. Trint ($44 per month)

Availability: Web-based and iOS

This automatic transcription software makes it easy to record, transcribe, and share audio files from your iPhone.

Main features:

  • It can automatically transcribe audio into 31 languages.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • It can record live conversations and import audio files from other apps.

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2. Happy Scribe ($13.53)

Availability: Web-based


It’s an online automatic transcription software, designed for researchers, students, journalists, video editors, and podcasters.

Main features:

  • It can transcribe video and audio into text in minutes.
  • It supports 119+ languages and accents.
  • It offers a fast and accurate transcription.

3. Otter (free and paid)

Availability: Web-based, Android and iOS

Otter is also an excellent automatic transcription software, creating notes for lectures, meetings, and interviews.

Main features:

  • It can record and transcribe interviews, lectures, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • It takes meeting notes automatically.
Note: It can be used free with basic features for 600 minutes every month, and it offers a premium version for $8.33 per month and a team version for $20 per month.

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Speech to text transcription is also very common in daily life. The best speech to text transcription software is indispensable to excellent speech to text transcription. Here’s the list of the best speech to text transcription software.

Bottom Line

Now, can you answer the question of what is the best free transcription software? This post introduces 3 best transcription software, 3 automatic transcription software, and a list of the best speech to text transcription software. I believe you can find the most suitable transcription software.

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