While TikTok is known for creating various trends with video content, it can also be used for photo editing. If you're active on social media, you've probably also come across popular TikTok photo editing hacks. In this post, MiniTool will show you how to take advantage of the TikTok photo editing trend. Let's get started!

What Is TikTok Editing Hack?

The TikTok editing hack can also be called TikTok editing trick. A TikTok user has gone viral with a photo editing hack that changes tons of settings and transforms photos from dull to glorious masterpieces.

No need for fancy apps, complicated software, or filters to get that sun-like glow in your photos, except for the Photos app on your iPhone. Yes, that’s all you need. Next, I’ll show you how to tweak the settings in the Photos app to give your photos a warm, soft glow.

How to Do the TikTok iPhone Editing Hack?

While there are quite a few steps, the process is pretty straightforward. However, it’s worth noting for the steps will vary depending on the operating system you’re using. Many of the viral videos featuring this hack are iPhone-based options, and this guide also corresponds to iPhones. If you are on Android, using some apps to set the parameters will give you similar results.

1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Choose a picture from your library. Tap Edit in the top right corner of the screen to come to the editing interface.

2. Adjust the parameters of the picture.

We take the sun-kissed (it is an effect that makes your photos sparkle in the sun) editing hack as an example.

  • Go to the Exposure field and set it to 100. (Optional step)
  • Go to the Brilliance field and set it to its maximum.
  • Go to the Highlights field and set it to minus 35.
  • Set the Shadows effect to minus 28.
  • Change the Contrast effect to minus 30.
  • Keep the Brightness value to minus 15.
  • Set the Black Point and Saturation value to 10.
  • Keep the Vibrance value to 8.
  • Adjust the warmth value to 11.
  • The Tint value is to be set to 39.
  • Keep the Sharpness value to 14, and Vignette value to 23 respectively.

If you set the Exposure value to 100, you need to turn the Exposure and Brilliance back down to zero after finishing all the settings. Only in this way, can you get a sun-kissed editing hack.

3. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can tap Done in the top right corner of the screen to save the change.

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Other examples of TikTok editing hacks:

Strawberry gold (it is an effect that turns your photos into warm tones)

  • Exposure: 14
  • Brilliance: 68
  • Highlights: -21
  • Shadows: 52
  • Contrast: -24
  • Brightness: -22
  • Black Point: -13
  • Saturation: 14
  • Vibrance: 76
  • warmth: 88
  • Tint: 100
  • Vignette: 13

Blue golden hour (it is an effect that makes your photos brighter)

  • Exposure: -1
  • Brilliance: 68
  • Highlights: -39
  • Shadows: 65
  • Contrast: -15
  • Brightness: -16
  • Black Point: -5
  • Saturation: 10
  • Vibrance: 6
  • Noise Reduction: 25

Faded photograph (it is an effect that makes your photos fade in color)

  • Exposure: -19
  • Brilliance: 52
  • Highlights: 58
  • Shadows: 80
  • Contrast: -29
  • Brightness: 52
  • Black Point: -27
  • Saturation: -8
  • Vibrance: -5
  • Noise Reduction: 15

At the same time, you can put some effort into studying the TikTok iPhone editing hacks, creating unique effects, and posting them to Tik Tok. Maybe it will become a viral video.

Why Need the TikTok Editing Hack?

As you know TikTok’s algorithm is not simple. If you want to attract followers and successfully promote your brand, there are many factors (such as finding the right time to post or using TikTok’s analytics to your advantage) need to keep in mind. Besides sticking to a niche and posting engaging videos, it’s also important to follow the latest trends and adapt them to your brand message. Most importantly, you should focus on making good TikToks.

TikTok photo editing hacks are conducive to elevating your TikTok content. The hack video from TikTok user @AnauGazz has had upwards of 10 million views so far and has inspired many other users to try this photo hack on their own.

You can make a TikTok with pictures that have been edited with the TikTok editing hack and share the video on your social media platforms to attract the audience.

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That’s it! Following this guide, you can easily make a TikTok photo editing hack like an expert. This TikTok photo editing hack will give your photos the perfect sun-kissed effect. Apart from that, you can also edit your videos for TikTok with the assistance of MiniTool MovieMaker. It has lots of advanced 3D features to make your videos look perfect.

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