TikTok has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. It’s a good opportunity to create some content on TikTok to make money. The more followers you have the more chances to make money. So, hurry to make a video with MiniTool MovieMaker and post it on TikTok!

You will learn something about monetizing your account on TikTok from this post.

#1. Become A TikTok Influencer

Firstly, you need to choose an appropriate niche or specific theme. You need to create some interesting contents to cater to your audience. If you want to be a TikTok influencer, you need to increase your followers continuously.

If you become a TikTok influencer, brand sponsors will contact you to promote their merchandise. Brand sponsors will either give you money or sponsor you with some free product.

How much money you can earn is associated with the number of your followers.

If you want to create some interesting content to post on the TikTok, you can download the MiniTool MovieMaker. It covers a host of features and resources. You can edit your video with MiniTool MovieMaker, whose rich effects, transitions, elements, etc. will inspire your creativity.

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#2. Join to TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok announced to provide $0.2 billion to encourage people to create good content in 2020.

Then they announced that the fund will grow to $10 billion by 2023. But, you must meet the several requirements:

  • At least have 10,000 followers
  • At least have 10,000 video views in the last 30 days
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must obey the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service
  • Must be based in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain or Italy.

#3. Do A Live Stream

You can start a live stream on TikTok to get presents from your fans or followers.

Once you receive a gift, it can be converted into a diamond on your TikTok profile. When you have enough diamonds, you can monetize those diamonds to your card in some supported ways.

At the same time, you can sell your products by live stream. You need to offer a shopping cart option to sell your products.

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#4. Sell Your Products

If you have a store, you can register a business account. You need to add a shopping tab and item links to your profile. It is not a direct way to make money. You’ll still earn by selling the products.

This is a new feature that cooperates with Shopify. If the users click the item’s links, they will reach the corresponding Shopify store.

When mentioned the topic of how many followers on TikTok to make money, in fact,  there is no exact number to define this question. There is also no definite answer to the question of how many views on TikTok to make money. The more followers you have the more methods to earn money. When you are more influential, more brand sponsors will want you to advertise their products.

You’d best create more brilliant content to enhance existing fans and grow new followers.

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You can consider TikTok creator as a part-time job to earn some pocket money. You need to keep posting videos like daily life clips, cooking or OOTD, etc. videos to TikTok to increase your followers. If you get an answer on how to make money on TikTok, make a video with MiniTool MovieMaker and post it to TikTok now.

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