Snapchat is a popular multimedia instant messaging app. It lets you take a photo Snap or video Snap and send it to friends. What should you do if Snapchat not sending Snaps? This post from MiniTool gives 8 methods.

Most of people have used Snapchat to share moments of everyday lives with friends and family. It must be frustrating when you find Snapchat not sending Snaps.

At this moment, you may wonder “why won’t my Snaps send”. This problem may be caused by different cases like a weak Internet connection. In this post, we’ll explain 8 solutions to Snapchat not sending Snaps for both Android and iPhone devices.


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#Way 1. Check Friendship Status

If a friend has unfriend you, your Snaps can not be sent to her/him. When Snapchat fails to send a Snap, firstly you can take a look at your friend list. Just go to your profile and select My Friends. Then, you’ll see a list of all your Snapchat friends.

You can search for the friend’s name. If it does not show up, you might have been removed on Snapchat. This way can also tell if youre blocked on Snapchat.

If the user name appears, you’re still friends. Try out the following methods to fix Snapchat not sending Snaps.

#Way 2. Check the Internet Connection

When you have problems sending or receiving Snaps on Snapchat, you can check your Internet connection. If your phone has a weak Internet connection, you might not send a Snap successfully.

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#Way 3. Get Camera Permission

To make sure that Snapchat can take and send Snaps with the built-in camera, you should give the permission to allow Snapchat to access your phone. When you receive a message that says “Allow Snapchat to access your camera and local storage to take photos and videos, detect screenshots, and more”,click the TURN ON button.

You can also check the camera permission on Android and iPhone. Open the Settings app, click on Snapchat to check the app’s permissions, and check if the Camera is enabled.

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#Way 4. Restart the Snapchat App

Another method to fix Snapchat Snaps not sending is restarting the Snapchat app. You can also try out this tip when you have other problems using Snapchat. Just force close this app and launch it again.

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#Way 5. Clear Snapchat Cache

When Snapchat not sending Snaps, you can try to clear the app caches to fix this glitch.

With the Snapchat app open, click your Bitmoji at the top left corner, tap the Settings icon, and click Clear Cache under the ACCOUNTS ACTIONS section.

#Way 6. Log Out and Login to Snapchat Again

If the above ways can’t help you, you can try to log out and back into Snapchat. It can fix some bugs.

To sign out of your Snapchat account, click your profile or Bitmoji, then tap the Settings icon, scroll down to the bottom, click the Log Out and tap it again to confirm.

After that, sign in with your Snapchat account in a normal way and check if you can send Snaps to friends.

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#Way 7. Update Snapchat App

Updating Snapchat is also a useful tip to fix the issue of Snaps not sending. Just go to the Play Store or App Store, search for Snapchat, and check for updates. If there’s a Update option, click it to update Snapchat to the latest version.

#Way 8. Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat App

If none of these ways work, you can delete the Snapchat app and then download it from Play Store or App Store and install it on your device.

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When you have the problem of Snapchat not sending Snaps, try working through the above troubleshooting tips. I hope that these methods can resolve your issue.

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