Are you trying to find a Powtoon alternative? Here is a list of the top Powtoon alternative software that will allow you to easily make beautiful and polished videos in our MiniTool MovieMaker post. Let's get started!

To determine which platform is best for you, take a look at each of these tools.

#1. Animaker

Get to know the first Powtoon alternative: Animaker. With the help of Animaker, you can generate GIFs and short videos. There are stunning templates and cartoons available. For example, you can edit your cartoon character using body types, hairstyles, facial expressions, and skin colors. It also lets you design videos in a variety of styles using pictures and other graphics.

Animaker has many useful features. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Text-to-audio narration lip-syncs withAnimaker Voice.
  • Animated characters created by you.
  • With instant element rearranging, the canvas automatically resizes.
  • Videos downloaded in 4K quality.
  • GIF maker with images from memes.

#2. Biteable

Biteable is a cloud-based alternative to Powtoon where users can create various videos, like blog content, promotional videos, and marketing videos. It has a large library of video templates for those who need to produce content quickly. With its easy animation maker, users can also produce internal comms, jaw-dropping videos for social media, and more.

Biteable features an analytics report for your video. Besides, it allows you to trim and design individual slides with its useful timeline editing tool. Biteable offers a free account to allow you to test their software. Plans for one year cost $19 per month.

#3. Promo

Promo is a great tool for marketing directors in many fields, especially digital marketing and social media. It provides pre-animated text options in a variety of styles. With its intuitive timeline tool, users can edit pictures and videos in each scene.

There are horizontal, square, and vertical layout options in Promo video templates. All options for content are focused on marketing techniques, startups, and small businesses. Plus, all the templates look great and are great for social media marketing.

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#4. Moovly

Moovly is also a cloud-based Powtoon alternative. In Moovly, you can produce animated videos, footage-based videos, white-board-style videos, and so on. It is appropriate for creating e-learning, training, and onboarding materials, marketing visuals, advertising, and other types of content. At the same time, non-editors can quickly learn how to create wonderful content.

Moreover, it allows you upload various videos, photos, or audio you want to use. There are around 100 templates available and most of them are for business-related purposes. The libraries on Moovly include the following:

Doodle Marker Style library: You can draw or animate whiteboard-style line graphics.

Infographic Style library: You can choose from different icons, shapes, cartoons, and pictograms.

iStock library from Getty Images: There are 75 million more stock media objects and they are much cheaper than the prices on iStock.

Libraries of Business Graphics, Web Icons, Graphs, and Charts: They are perfect for animated business videos.

Motion Graphics library: You can override transitions and movie effects for your content.

Storyblocks library: It offers more than one million royalty-free videos, sounds, motion graphics, illustrations, and so on.

#5. Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts takes a somewhat different method than the other programs on our list. You can use Raw Shorts' AI tools to generate animated videos. It's a great resource for marketers, content producers, and business owners who want to speed up their animated video production. Additionally, they provide an eCommerce advertiser-friendly spreadsheet to video feature.

#6. Vyond

Vyond is the new name for GoAnimate, which is one of the Powtoon alternatives on this list. The Vyond team takes its privacy features very seriously and provides its animated video tools to the U.S. Federal Government.

Vyond has three types of templates:

  • Business Friendly
  • Contemporary
  • Whiteboard Animation

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#7. Wideo

Wideo is another tool that provides users with a collection of free animated templates. Wideo has tons of animated templates and resources to help you make a great first impression on your audience, whether you're making animated videos for a startup or a student. Teams can develop coherent storylines using Wideo's storyboard creator.


So far, we have taken a look at seven Powtoon alternatives. Now is the time to choose the right animated video tool and start promoting your business.

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