When saving your images, you have two options. PNG 8 vs PNG 24? Why are there two different types? Which of the two formats is better? In this post from MiniTool MovieMaker, we will compare the distinction between these two file formats so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

What Is PNG?

Let's first clarify what PNG is to understand PNG 8 vs PNG 24. The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file format was initially released in 1996 as a replacement for the GIF image format. The PNG file format is a raster graphics file type that uses lossless compression, which means no data is lost during the compression or decompression of the image.

It is a better alternative for images that need to be displayed on the Internet than other image formats due to its smaller file size. Because the image can be easily placed on a pattern, color block, or image background, PNG files are commonly used in logo designs.

What Is PNG 8?

PNG images are available in two different sizes: PNG 8 and PNG 24. When you need to display a smaller image format on the web, where the storage room is limited and loading time is extended, try using PNG-8. PNG-8 supports 8-bit color, so even though it only contains 256 colors, it will operate properly in the majority of projects.

What Is PNG 24?

Unlike PNG 8, there are as many as 16 million colors in PNG 24 because it supports 24-bit color. This graphics file is a great option for saving images with a lot of details because, like JPEG, PNG 24 keeps the minor changes in brightness and color that are only seen in the image.

However, these high-quality pictures are more expensive since they take up more hard drive space on your computer.

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PNG 8 VS PNG 24: What Is the Distinction?

What distinguishes PNG 8 from PNG 24? The distinction between the two PNG formats is in how many colors an image can show. PNG 8 images can only show 256 colors, whereas PNG 24 images can show up to 16 million.

The numbers associated with the PNG term typically represent the maximum bit depth that computers can support. It is critical to know that higher-bit support does not suggest that the file format is of higher quality than lower-bit support. Lower-bit files may be required in some situations.

According to the PNG 8 format, which is made for showing images on the Internet, it normally does not lose too much data and can produce smaller sizes. Also, the PNG 8 format is a good option for images that have a lot of text or sharp edges, since these images can be compressed successfully.

Lossless compression requires more storage than lossy compression. The PNG 24 image has a bigger file size than a PNG 8 image. It's crucial to make your choices and consider which kind of compression will be appropriate for your needs because the advantage of PNG 24 is that you won't worry about any degradation in the image quality.

PNG 8 VS PNG 24: Which Would You Use?

PNG 8 or PNG 24? Which one is better? The answer is based on how you intend to use your image and how much data loss you are prepared to accept.

If you're creating an image with small text, a 256-color palette may be sufficient because the PNG 8 image will contain few colors. Nevertheless, if you're making an image with a lot of colors, the extra color depth provided by PNG 24 is what you need. Additionally, if your image requires high quality, such as true color, rather than GIFs or JPEGs (which aren't usually lossless), then we advise using PNG-24 images.

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For most images, PNG 24 is a better format to choose than PNG 8. But there are some situations in which PNG 8 is more useful than PNG 24, such as for images that need to be displayed on the Internet where file size is an issue.

If your goal is to reduce complex color images to a relatively simple color palette, you can use PNG 8. When working with fewer-bit images (2-bit or 4-bit), you can put them in the PNG 8 category. It is especially effective on images with small color differences of a maximum of 256 colors, such as insignia and icons.


Generally speaking, PNG 24 is a better format to choose than PNG 8, while PNG 8 can be helpful in some situations.

PNG 8 vs PNG 24? You probably know the difference between PNG 8 and PNG 24 by now, and you can think about which format best suits your needs.

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