The metronome helps to develop an internal sense of the beat and play at the appropriate tempo. Today there are many digital metronome apps to choose from. What are the best metronome apps to use? In this post, we will share some of the best metronome apps. Read on to find the one you like most.

As a great musician, there is a need to have the perfect rhythm. To ensure that, you will need the right metronome. In today’s post, we handpicked some of the best metronome apps with you. You can choose from these best metronome apps for Android and optimal metronome apps for iPhone.

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The Metronome by Soundbrenner (Android/iOS)

The Metronome by Soundbrenner

The Metronome by Soundbrenner is one of the best free metronome apps. The design of this app is nice and the metronome supports a range of tempos, time signatures, and subdivisions. It comes with 20 metronome sounds, light and dark theme, a setlist feature, support for the usual stuff like customizable BPM, and more.

There is also a feature that allows you to create a song playlist and set tempos or subdivision combinations for each song, which is a good design for drummers who want to practice a complete set or have songs they frequently rehearse.

Metronome Beats (Android/iOS)

Metronome Beats is also among the most popular good metronome apps for iPhone and Android devices. It has been widely used for solo and group music practice, teaching, and live concerts.

With this app, you can select any tempo from 1 to 900 beats per minute. There is also a tap function to set the beat yourself. Other features include a subdivision of the beat so you can practice faster parts of your music and the possibility to change the pitch of the metronome to hear it better over your instrument. This app is free, but you can get a Pro version which is a separate app and it has additional features.

Pro Metronome (Android/iOS)

Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome by EUMLab is also on the list of the best metronome apps that offer you almost everything you might need from a metronome. It is a powerful tool that helps you master both daily practice and stage performance.

With this app, you can change the tone of the metronome, tap a tempo, use complicated subdivisions, load a playlist of songs to work on, and even set up programs to adjust the tempo while you’re practicing. Also, you will access dynamic visuals for accented beats and a visual pendulum, and the ability to tap the screen to set the tempo.

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Dr. Betotte (iOS)

Dr. Betotte is another great option among the best metronome apps that provides you with a super accurate multi-division programmable metronome.

With this app, you can customize the metronome to practice complicated rhythms or songs. Almost any kind of complex rhythm can be built up easily with six independent note divisions together with the Multi Beat function.

You can assign your choice of music note, polyrhythm setting, or a sequence you created to each division. Coach function, built-in Loop Timer, tuning tone generator, pendulum animation, and flashing function that will help your practice.

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That’s all about the introduction of the best metronome apps. Which one you may choose among these options? Or you can share your favorite metronome app with us in the comments.

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