If you want to start a food blog but don’t know how to start, you have come to the right place. Starting a food blog is not an easy thing, but only if you are passionate about food or cooking, it can be a piece of cake. MiniTool will introduce you how to start a food blog step by step.

What Is a Food Blog?

A food blog is a website that hosts food-related content and articles running by independent bloggers or creators. Food bloggers create their content on a variety of topics, including original recipes, restaurant reviews, and healthy food tips. All you need for starting your own food blog are access to a reliable web hosting or blogging platform, a creative name, and a specific topic.

How to Start a Food Blog?

1. Choose a Topic

There are so many types of food blogs. We will list some as follows. You can choose a specific topic from the following types.

  • Location-specific: It is based on some food in a specific location or place.
  • Recipe blogs: This type of cooking blog will give people the specific steps to make a cuisine.
  • Cuisine-specific: This kind of food blog is depending on a particular region or country. (Italian, Greek, Chinese, French, Indian, etc.)
  • Healthy food tips: It is dedicated to providing healthy recipes. (vegetarian blogs, gluten-free blogs, paleo diet blogs, etc.)
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2. Name Your Blog

A good name can catch people’s attention. You need to choose a catchy title and a domain name for your blog. You can refer to other people’s naming styles to get a name but keep your own style and character.

3. Build a Website

Build a website where your website files are stored on the Internet. You need to find a reliable web host. Some hosting companies will provide you with free themes for your main interface. you can purchase some fonts, plugins, or premium topics for your main interface to improve the integrity of your pages.

4. Start a Blog

After setting up your website, you need to create content for your website. You can post something about recipes, reviews of restaurants, and some healthy ingredients. If you can create some unique content, your blog will be more attractive.

5. Promote Your Blog

Share your blog on various kinds of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Sharing your blog is a great way to gain more views for your content. When you share your blog on social media, you can add some hashtags to attract more target viewers. You’d better add a share button to your post as well.

6. Monetize Your Food Blog

With the increase of your followers, you may have opportunities to get passive income from your food blog. There are some monetization opportunities like brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and advertisements.

How to Start a Food Blog on Instagram?

We provide you with simple steps as follows:

  1. Pick a food blog name.
  2. Register your Instagram food account.
  3. Customize your Instagram profile.
  4. Take excellent photos.
  5. Start posting on Instagram.
  6. Promote your Instagram blog.
  7. Commit to a regular publishing schedule.
  8. Make money on Instagram.

That’s all for how to start a food Instagram blog. If you get it, you can give it a try! We will introduce you to some food bloggers on Instagram in the following section. You can refer to their blogs for inspiration.

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Food Bloggers on Instagram

1. @cheaplazyvegan

Rose was born in South Korea and living in Canada. For her, the food has to be delicious, cheap and something a lazy person can make. She is committed to vegan cooking through her 10-minute videos. Her blog has a collection of countless Korean and Asian vegetarian dishes that are colorful, informative, and delicious. You can check those out on @cheaplazyvegan on Instagram.

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2. @rachlmansfield

Rachel Mansfield is addicted to sweets and desserts. She turns those unhealthy desserts into healthy options so people no longer have to feel guilty about what they eat. If you have a sweet tooth, you can find healthy recipes to replace high-calorie desserts in Rachel’s blogs.

3. @deliciouslyella

Ella Mills has been a part of the food blogger community for years. Her recipes are fascinating. In addition to being a food blogger, she is a mother and entrepreneur. She has her own cookbook, podcast, and app for those who want to dive into cooking meals. Meanwhile, she has her own delicatessen.

4. @girleatworld

Melissa is committed to traveling around the world in search of delicious food in different countries. From Paris, Bosnia, and Italy to Vietnam, and more. She says her favorites are the drinks from Singapore and the delicious food from Japan. She offers a diverse range of foods, which makes her stand out among the many food bloggers.

5. @justonecookbook

From sushi to tempura, Japanese cooking covers a wide range of dishes that are loved by many people. If you are a fan of Japanese food, you should not miss this blogger – @justonecookbook. Namiko Hirasawa Che became interested in cooking when she moved to the United States for higher education. Thus began her journey as a blogger. Now, she is a full-fledged Japanese food blogger with a large collection of recipes on Instagram.


Now, you must know how to start a food blog, right? If you get it, let’s have a try! Hope this post can help you start a journey with a food blog. If you want to make a food video, you should try this software – MiniTool MovieMaker. You will be surprised by its features.

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