Audio plays an important role in video making. If you desire to edit your audio without installing any program on your computer, free online audio editors can help you. This post is going to introduce 5 free online audio editors. But if you want to edit the audio with video, MiniTool MovieMaker is recommended here.

Here’s the list of 5 free online audio editors.

1. Audacity Audio Editor Online

You may learn that Audacity is a free audio editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Besides, it’s also one of the best free online audio editors loaded with considerable features. Whether you are making music, podcasts, or audiobooks, it is a versatile and free online audio editor to edit audio or music online.

Main Features:

  • It’s available to import and export WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AU, and OGG files.
  • It can automatically convert tracks of different formats or sample rates.
  • It’s easy to cut, copy, paste, and delete audio files.
  • It can remove noise, mix and combine tracks.
  • It provides many audio effects, like changing pitch, frequency, volume, removing vocals, etc.

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2. Sodaphonic


Audacity is a comprehensive audio editor, but Sodaphonic is also a simpler free online audio editor to edit songs easily with fast-running speed and enough editing options.

Main Features:

  • It can import files from Dropbox, and save them as MP3 or WAV files.
  • It can offer a shareable link to help you share the audio.
  • It’s able to trim audio, cut, copy, delete, paste, and reverse audio.
  • It allows users to record audio through a microphone.
  • Its effects include fade-in, fade-out, louder, quieter, silence, and bleeping.

3. Bear Audio Tool

Bear Audio Tool is another best free audio editor with HTML5 technology, which means users needn’t upload the audio files to the server. This free online audio editor is loaded with all primary editing choices.

Main Features:

  • It can combine songs, ringtones, and other audio files together.
  • It’s an online audio trimmer, audio cutter, and audio recorder.
  • It can export audio in WAV, MP3, M4R, OGG, AAC, and WMA files.
  • It can trim, cut, and rearrange audio clips.

4. Hya-Wave


This free online audio editor is designed for recording and editing audio samples. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. With it, users can copy, paste, cut, trim, delete, paste, mix, and crop audio files.

Main Features:

  • It provides 18 effects.
  • It can apply, remove, and customize audio filters.
  • It permits users to publish audio via URL or social media.

5. Beautiful Audio Editor

Beautiful Audio Editor is also a web-based free audio editing software that works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The basic editing options include speeding up or slowing down audio, duplicating, splitting, and removing audio clips.

Main Features:

  • It gives users 10+ audio effects like gain, pan, reverb, and so on.
  • It supports multi-track editing.

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Bottom Line

Now, you’ve learned 5 free online audio editors. With these tools, you can edit your audio files online directly, which is more convenient and less time-consuming. Among these 5 best free audio editors, which one do you like best? Choose one and have a try.

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