A shade of a color is a mixture of Hue (pure color) and Black. You can produce multiple shades by mixing the black color at different intensities. In this post, we will introduce some of the best color shade generators to help you create a palette of shades for any base color.

In this post, you can get 5 free online color shade generator websites where you can generate color tints and shades for free. Different websites offer different numbers of shades. The color values such as RGB, CMYK, HSL, etc. are also available. Just go through the list and check these out in more details.

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Color Designer

Color Designer

Color Designer (https://colordesigner.io/) is the first free online color shade generator website on the list, which can generate up to 40 different shades of a given color. You can either pick a solid color or use the color picker to select a precise value. It offers a slider for you to select the number of shades you want.

 The HEX, RGB, and CMYK values of each shade are also available so that you can copy the color values to the clipboard directly. Along with that, you can also click on a shade to search for images with matching colors on Adobe Stock.


MakeTintsandShades (https://maketintsandshades.com/) is also a useful tool as an online free color tints and shades generator. Just as the name suggests, this website generates palettes of shades and tints.

To generates a color palette for a specific color, you need to know the HEX value of the color whose shades you want to generate. Then paste that HEX value to this tool and toggle the option to include the HEX value for a one-click copy. You can get a palette of 10 shades and another palette of 10 tints of that color. From there, you can click on any shade to copy its HEX value.

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TailwindShades (https://www.tailwindshades.com/) is also an online free color shade generator to generate color shades and palettes. You can generate shades of any color on this website easily. To do that, start by picking a base color from available palettes or paste the HEX value. Then this website will give you 10 shades of that base color. Each shade shows the HEX value on top.

From there you can select and copy the HEX value of the shade. Additionally, you can also play with options to produce uniform shades by changing the hue shift, step up, step down, and more.

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CrispEdge (https://www.crispedge.com/color-shades-generator/) is another free online color shade generator tool. To generate the color shade, just pick a color from a color bar where you can pick the hue and then the exact color tone. It will show you the HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL values of that color. You can verify the color if needed and then generate the shades.

It lists the shades with different saturation levels. It also shows monochromatic color tints and shades. Each shade has its HEX value mentioned alongside it. From there, you can select and copy the HEX value of any shade with ease.

Shade Generator


Last but not the least, Shade Generator (https://www.shadegenerator.com/) is also a great color shade generator just like its name.  On this website, after you enter the color code, it will instantly generate 36 shades of color.

When you do that, it shows the name of that color and generates different pretty shades for you. How to find color shade? Just move the mouse cursor on a shade to get the HEX and RGB value of that shade. From there, you can click on the value to copy that to the clipboard.

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That is all for the free online color shade generator recommendations. Just pick one to generate pretty color shades!

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