In this guide from MiniTool MovieMaker, we talk about why you can’t add someone on Facebook as a friend and how to add someone as a friend. Read this to figure it out.

Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms recently, on which you can connect with friends, families, and other people you’re interested in, share videos and photos, and buy and sell items.

Connecting with people on Facebook could be the most commonly used feature. However, you may find that you can’t add someone on Facebook sometimes. Why can’t I add someone as a friend on Facebook? The following are some possible reasons.

1. Privacy settings.

There are a few options for users on Facebook to choose who can connect with them. If the one you’d like to add has modified his Facebook friend request settings as “Friends of Friends”, and at the same time, you don’t have a mutual friend, you’ll fail to send a friend request.

In this situation, you can send a message outside of Facebook and ask them to send a friend request to you on Facebook. If you can’t connect with them outside of Facebook, try to connect with more and more people on Facebook to find a mutual friend. It could be a little bit difficult.

2. Facebook friend adding limit.

Facebook allows you to add friends without exceeding 5000. If either you or they have more than 5000 friends, you will add them unsuccessfully. To deal with this problem, you can unfriend some people you don’t contact regularly from your friend list to add new friends.

3. Account deactivation.

If someone wants to take a break from Facebook, he may choose to deactivate his Facebook account. It could be temporary or permanent. They can do nothing on Facebook but use Messager. It’s impossible for you to add them to your friend list unless they reactivate their account.

4. You’ve been blocked.

Facebook gives users the right to block others to avoid being interrupted. If you are blocked by others, you will not be able to add them as friends, or see any of their posts or send them messages. You can confirm if you have been blocked by trying to send a message to them.

5. You blocked others.

If you failed to add someone as a friend all the time on Facebook, he or she might be you have blocked them actually. You can check if you have blocked them by going to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking. On this page, you can see all the people that have been blocked by you. Unblocking them to add them to your friend list.

6. Friend request is pending.

Sometimes, you have sent a friend request from your side, but they haven’t received the friend request notification from their side. Perhaps waiting for a while will be ok.

Or they have received too many friend requests, so they missed your request from a pile of pending requests. Try to resend a friend request to them.

7. Their account restriction.

There are guidelines to obey on Facebook. If someone has broken the Facebook Community Guidelines or has been reported by others many times, his account would be restricted for a certain period. This could be the reason you can’t add them. All you can do is be patient to wait for the account to be unrestricted.

8.They denied your request.

A sad reason is your friend request has been denied already. Maybe they don’t know who you are. You can note your name when you resend the friend request next time. Or maybe they just don’t want to add you as their friend.

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How to Add Someone on Facebook

After going through why can’t I add someone on Facebook as a friend, let’s see how to add someone on Facebook. Just follow these simple steps to add a friend quickly.

Step 1. Go to Facebook’s webpage on Windows or open Facebook on your phone.

Step 2. Click on the Search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Input your friend’s name to search.

Step 4. Tap Add Friend button to send a request.


We listed 8 possible reasons why you can’t add someone as a friend on Facebook. Hopefully, you can find the answer and add the one you want to interact with successfully.

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